Phone Disk app for free

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Macroplant’s Phone Disk, is an awesome desktop app that can automatically detect iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch (when connected) devices and mounts them as an external drive in Windows or Mac OS X.Phone Disk recognizes all iOS devices and supports multiple connections.

Using your standard USB cable, this tiny program runs in the menu bar or system tray of your Mac or PC. When it finds an iPod Touch or iPhone it seamlessly mounts it to your file system so you can directly access its files using Windows Explorer, Finder and every other program.

Phone Disk Features :

  • Open, copy and save files directly on device
  • Browse the iPhone in Finder and Windows Explorer
  • Fully integrated with OSX and Windows
  • Expands to work with multiple devices
  • Works with or without jail breaking the device.
  • Copy images and then view them on device

It runs on Windows 7 Vista or XP, Mac OS X 10.5, 10.6, and later, and supports iTunes 8, 9, or later.

Phone Disk Free:

Macroplant is giving away Phone Disk to everyone for free until December 1st, 2010. Use below serial key to Unlock the software.

Phone Disk registration code : 2H96A-QK7MX-8GEYK1V-ZR6S8 

If you unlock the software before December 1st, 2010, you get free upgrades and can enjoy the full version of the software on that computer with no expiration (just make sure you enter the code before December 1st)! Use above registration code to unlock the full version Phone Disk.

Download: Phone Disk