PersonalWebKit : Create websites without knowing HTML

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Many times, I have felt motivated to write an article on how to build your own website in few steps, without knowing HTML programming,but today I discovered all-in-one tool called Persnoal webkit,designed for non-for professionals.

If you want create your own website and you do not have any knowledge of HTML programming, then PersonalWebKit is the software you’re looking to create a website within a few clicks with good results.
PersonalWebKit is a free  all-in-one tool that allows you to easily create, edit, design, and upload a Web site without knowing HTML and without managing files.You can edit text, edit and insert your digital camera photos, and add pages using simple point-and-click tools.

  • You can add or remove pages with a couple of clicks.
  • PersonalWebKit auto-links all your pages for you.
  • Change and customize your design with a few clicks.
  • Import, edit, and add effects to your digital camera photos.
  • Type and edit text as easily as in a word processor.
  • Import videos, music files, and office documents.
  • Upload your site to the web with one click.
  • Windows® 98 – XP.


The Design Screen allows you to select from several layouts, backgrounds, and banner themes to get your custom site design.The program supplies a standard set of text-editing features, including outlining and bulleting.  Adding links is very simple. You even can link some parts of the text with PDF, DOC, or media files, which the program automatically uploads to your Web host along with your can create multiple websites .

Overall, With PersonalWebKit you can create your own webpage in a few minutes, no matter how technically challenged you are. You don’t need to know any HTML or have any other technical skills. All the program requires is some basic familiarity with FTP (File Transfer Protocol) servers. Other than that, creating a webpage with PersonalWebKit is pretty much like creating a document in your favorite word processor.I can say it as a very good  basic WYSIWYG web page creator.


Official Site: PersonalWebKit
Download : PersonalWebKit