PeaZip : Free File manger and Compression tool

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PeaZip is an open source file and archive manager for Windows and Linux systems, it’s available in both installer and portable versions.  PeaZip is a powerful archiving tool that supports numerous  popular formats, this free application allows you create, convert and extract compressed files in a range of formats (over 150),including Zip, Z7, ARC and  TAR.  It even has its own native PEA format (short for pack, Encrypt, Authenticate) that includes built-in encryption and split volume support.

Compressing your files makes them easier to share and store, there are lots of free programs that let you  shrink multiple files into an archive, including windows built-in compression toolBut if you want to make your folders as small as possiblewe will recommend PeaZip, Once you have installed the software, you can just right-click a file or folder and select ‘PeaZip’ to compress the file.

WinZip and WinRAR , may still be the best-known compression tools, but  those tools are most expensive.PeaZip is  a far better program for archiving your files, and won’t cost you a thing.This open source utility can unpack most compression formats and write to several popular choices, including ZIP, TAR and its own proprietary PEA format. The latest version (v5.2.1) offers improved secure file and free space deletion, updated translations and links to online resources.

PeaZip has  simple and easy-to-use interface, it has Explorer-based layout. Creating a new archive from the main window of the app  is very simple. You can either drag and drop a bunch of  files onto the program window or navigate the Explorer-like file system on the left and select the items you want.

Hold down shift to select multiple files and click the Add button to go to the ‘create archive’ screen. If you don’t want to create  the compressed archive , you can save the layout and load it again laterTo password  protect the archive, click the padlock icon in thecreate archive’ screen and enter a password.A Keyfile offers an extra form of security, press Ctrl+F to create one.

The default archive format is ZIP but you can change this in the drop-down boxHover your mouse over the speech-bubble icon to find out more about the current format. You can create a single archive or multiple split volumes of a certain sizeThis option is only available with certain formats.

To access further options, click the ‘Advanced’ tab and these options vary depending on the format you’ve selected. In some formats, you will be able to change the compression strength and method.

peazip 5.2


To open or decompress an archive, double-click it and then click the Extract button and select an option from the menuTo check the integrity of the archive, you can click ‘Test’ tabYou can also compress and extract files using the right-click context menu. To edit this menu, go to Options on the app’ main window and select System Integration.

The setup wizard will launch, Choose the entries you want, then click Next to change the application’s settings in the SendTo menu, and set which file types should be associated with PeaZip.

Key Features of PeaZip :

  1. Supports over 150 (archive) file types.
  2. Free WinRar and WinZip alternative
  3. Easy to use GUI with Drag&Drop and context menu integration
  4. High speed, compression ratio, stability and security with proven Open Source technologies
  5. Strong encryption, two factor authentication, encrypted password manager and secure deletion to protect the privacy of your data.
  6. Find duplicates, save backup scripts, split and join files and many other features to manage files with ease


Overall, PeaZip is a powerful free compression tool, that is fast and packed with powerful featuresYou can password- protect archives, change the compression strength, test a Zip’s integrity, bookmark files and folders, view usage history and do more.

Download : PeaZip 5.3.1