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PDNob Shortcuts is a handy program that lets you create and customize shortcuts. Users with desktops full of icons and processes will be relieved by the level of personalization available.

This simple PC tool avoids cluttered desktops by creating shortcuts to your favorite programs and websites. There is no learning curve, so it is accessible to everybody, regardless of technical ability, so don’t hesitate to give it a shot if you are having trouble with shortcuts.

Using a hotkey or a mouse, the app can be brought to the forefront of the screen without being obtrusive.

PDNob Shortcuts Features and UI:

This Windows program has a tiny UI that hides if you click outside its limits. Both of these features help you get more done and use less space. You can bring the UI back up with a simple left click, or you can use a hotkey. You can open the app’s context menu and pause it if you want to turn it off temporarily or stop it from popping up.

PDNob Shortcuts UI

This app lets you make two kinds of shortcuts. In the upper part of the interface, you can choose from a dozen samples that are mostly set up for you. You can go to a certain website, take screenshots, and then turn off your computer. The program also comes with an OCR tool and a QR code reader.

The shortcuts in the bottom half give the user more power. The user can put any process they want there, and since it can hold three pages, there will be three times as many items as in the upper part.

All shortcuts can be edited, despite the fact that they are visibly divided. To copy, cut, delete, or change the entries, use the context menu. Each entry needs a name and a type of action. The action types depend on which shortcut you want to use, and a drop-down menu shows you all of your options. A few examples include launching an application, accessing files and directories, sending a message, or emulating a keyboard action

PDNob Shortcuts Giveaway – Free 1 Year Subscription:

Go to this giveaway page, type in your email address, and click the “Send Code” button.

Check your email- Inbox for an email from PDNob (noreply@PDNob.app), copy the PDNob ID Verification Code.

PDNob Shortcuts 1 year Promo

Go to the giveaway page, enter the code, and hit the “Get Now” button.

Next, you will receive a second email from PDNob, in that email click the “Set Password” button.

Set a password for your account ( enter a password twice) and hit the “Submit” button.

Download the software from: https://download.pdnob.com/

Install the software, launch it and on the main interface click the “Login”(User icon).

Enter your email address, password and hit the ” Login” button.

All done. Get a free one-year subscription worth $119.95.

PDNob Shortcuts Free License