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PDNob Mind Map Giveaway: Free Pro Subscription [PC/Mac]

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PDNob Mind Map is a web-based mind mapping and flowchart application. Mind maps and flowcharts can be added quickly and easily.

Looking for a mind-mapping tool to help you quickly organize your thoughts so you can write reports or essays? PDNob Mind Map is an excellent option.

As its name implies, it’s meant to facilitate the generation of new concepts, the stimulation of original thought, and the enhancement of productivity across a variety of contexts.

Mind maps, flowcharts, UML diagrams, and other visual representations of information can be used for a wide range of purposes, from individual study and work to group projects and collaboration. Create whatever you need to test out theories or set up systems.

PDNob Mind Map UI

In particular, this app lets you freely visualize your plans, ideas, and projects by providing six distinct theme options.

The major strengths of this well-organized PDNob product are the Swimlane Flowchart, Software and System Planning, Right and Left Structure, Timeline Chart, Organizational Chart, and Fishbone Diagram.

This comprehensive mind mapping and brainstorming tool will help you improve productivity, creativity, and innovation in all aspects of your life.

What is A Mind Map?

A mind map mimics how your brain stores information rather than the linear, hierarchical format of a list or a notebook. It’s a visual representation of the data that maps it out in a way that’s easy to understand and remember because it follows how your brain naturally works.

Uses of Mind Map:

  • Summarizing what you’ve read or written.
  • Brainstorming the ideas in groups or on your own.
  • Management of projects.
  • Research and analysis.
  • Creative problem-solving.

Key Features of PDNob Mind Map:

  • Drawing logic charts (both right and left), organizational charts, fishbone diagrams, and timeline charts.
  • You can use it to make a flowchart, a swim lane diagram, or a unified modelling language (UML).
  • This tool offers six themes; choose your favourite.

Get PDNob Mind Map Pro Subscription for Free:

Visit this .

Put in your email address, then hit the “Send Code” button.

PDNob Mind Map Giveaway

PDNob will send a verification code to your email; once you enter it, click the “Activate” button.

You should then look for a second email from PD Nob in your inbox.

When you receive that email, go to the “Set Password” link to create a password for your account, and then log in.

You’ll get a pro account for free for an entire year.