PDF-XChange Lite 2012 for FREE

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PDF-XChange Lite 2012  is the best selling solution for the creation of Adobe compatible PDF files from virtually any Windows application, meaning you now not only have the ability to View and Modify PDF files, but also to create new PDF files from any Windows application that can print.

PDF-XChange ‘Lite’ 2012 is FREE for non commercial use and is a simplified version of  PDF-XChange Standard 2012 print driver.The only restriction on the use of this license being you must not use for commercial or business purposes – simply download and install the special PDF-XChange Lite release and you will be able to open any document or web site and print to the PDF-XChange Printer installed and generate  a new, highly optimized PDF file compatible with all the industry standards  – as you would expect from one of the Worlds leading PDF and imaging software companies.

PDF -XChange Viewer loads PDFs faster than Adobe Reader, which may be the only feature that matters to many users. But this application also includes tools for editing, highlighting, or adding notes to PDF documents.

The application also has a useful snapshot tool for copying selected portions of a document to your clipboard, and a feature for attaching open documents to email messages.

PDF-XChange Lite 2012 Key Features:

  1. Re-engineered with a faster, highly optimized XPS based conversion engine (NEW)
  2. Improved image conversion (NEW)
  3. Improved conversion of imaged text characters (NEW)
  4. Improved font management (NEW)
  5. Terminal Server/ Citrix Compatible
  6. Multi-Language UI support
  7. Output Documents from any Windows Application & Create new PDF file
  8. Control Basic Paper Settings including paper size & scaling; Basic graphic resolution settings; and normal, n-up and booklet layout settings.
  9. Add Custom PDF AcroForms to PDF documents during creation.
  10. Control how and where you save your converted PDF files or let’s you use standard Save As Dialog.
  11. Embedded fonts support
  12. Create PDF files with clickable literal URL links (http;//, mailto:) intact after converting to PDF.
  13. Resolution – Max Output 2400 DPI
  14. Mirrored Printing Supported
  15. Add Document Information/Metadata/XP Metadata
  16. PDF Files automatically optimized using world leading compression
  17. Windows 2000 >Windows 7 (32/64 bit)
  18. A PDF-XChange Viewer PRO license, qualifies for PDF-XChange Lite 2012 – Absolutely FREE!

PDF-XChange Lite 2012 for FREE:

Just visit the giveaway page and download PDF-XChange Lite 2012 installer.