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PDF Text Deleter Pro Free License : Erase Multiple words from PDF files

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PDF Text Deleter Pro is a small but helpful tool for deleting certain words or phrases from many PDF files all at once. It’s cool because it has extra features that make it easier to use and get better results.

Using this simple and lightweight Windows program, you can remove selected strings and text sections from multiple PDF files.

People use PDF files a lot because they can’t be easily changed without PDF Editor. But this can be a problem if you don’t have a PDF Editor and need to delete some words or phrases from the PDF. That’s where PDF Text Deleter comes in handy. This tool lets you remove only the text you want, making it easy to get rid of unwanted content.

About PDF Text Deleter Pro:

PDF Text Deleter’s user interface and options make for a painless experience. The interface is straightforward, with an uncomplicated button and control placement.

You can use the convenient drag-and-drop feature, or you can go the old-fashioned route and use Windows Explorer to locate the input files.

While PDF Text Deleter can process a single PDF file at a time, it also supports batch operations so that you can add multiple PDF files to the input list at once for processing.

This feature makes it simple to choose a location on your hard drive and have the program automatically scan for all PDF files within that location.

PDF Text Deleter Pro

After you make a list of PDF files, it’s time to pick what text to delete. PDF Text Deleter lets you type in as many words or phrases as you want to be taken out of all the PDF files on the list.

You can make things even simpler by importing a word list from a CSV or text file into the software.

This program processes all PDF files in a fast mode by default, but this may not be appropriate for all PDF files. Activating the compatible mode could solve the problem if there are errors.

There’s also a high-quality mode that takes out the chosen text one page at a time to keep the PDF files as good as possible. But it takes longer to process.

You can also fix documents with pages that are different sizes with PDF files. PDF Text Deleter lets you replace any deleted text with blanks of any size, which is useful if the resulting space is insufficient.

Get PDF Text Deleter Pro for Free:

Download the giveaway version installer from this link or from this link[51 MB].

Install the software, launch it and on the app’s main interface, click the “Pro” button.

Enter the below license code and hit the “OK” button.


PDF Text Deleter Pro license