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PDF Redactor Pro for Free - Black out Sensitive data in PDFs

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PDF Redactor Pro is a Windows-based PDF redaction tool for protecting the privacy of PDF content by redacting (blacking out) or deleting sensitive text and images within a PDF file.

This tool makes it easy for people to remove sensitive information from their PDF documents, as well as to add images and text to them.

Why do you need to Blackout or erase sensitive content?
The tremendous technical improvements of the twenty-first century have resulted in numerous methods for digitizing things, including documents.

As a result, today’s digitalized papers frequently bear the PDF extension that enables users to quickly examine and sign PDF files from their devices. Given that these papers frequently include sensitive information, it would be wise to hide it: PDF Redactor can assist you in doing so.

You may frequently come across PDF files that contain confidential content or private information, such as personal and company names, payment amounts, credit card numbers, and other critical text and figures, in your regular work.

To preserve your privacy before publishing the PDF file to the public, you can use PDF Redactor to redact (blackout) or erase sensitive content and images in the PDF. Not only is the blacked-out material inaccessible, but it also cannot be located using the text search tool. The PDF document’s content will be completely deleted.

PDF Redactor UI  & Working:

The UI of this program is extremely straightforward, which means that it will take no time for anyone to find out how everything works. When you launch it, you will be required to add a PDF file before using the app’s functions.

Before you choose to redact a passage, the app will walk you through the process. Then, select the Redact option, highlight the text you desire to conceal and save the document.

The text that has been highlighted will then be blacked out, making it impossible for it to be found through reverse engineering. As a result, you may feel assured that the data you redact here will remain redacted.

Additionally, there is the Delete option, which allows users to completely delete the highlighted text.

PDF Redactor Pro Features:

Get PDF Redactor Pro for Free:

The developer of PDF Redactor is offering $29.95 worth of Pro version for free.

Visit the developer or software home page.

All you need to do is to download the installer from here[13.3 MB].

Install the software, launch it, and on the main window click “About”.

Select the “Upgrade to Pro” option and enter the below license code.


Click the “OK” button and restart the app.

Also, you can view the license or serial key from the developer or software.

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