PDF Password Remover (Win & Mac) Limited-time Giveaway

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PDF Password Remover is one of the  popular PDF utility for Mac OS X and Windows PCs, is available for free giveaway for a limited time at  pdfpasswordremover.com/giveaway.html.

Mac OS X and Windows users who regularly find themselves needing to edit, print or convert protected PDF files can now use PDF Password Remover for free, and find out how incredibly easy the app makes removing protection from PDF files can be. The giveaway will be closed on April 10, 2016.

Users find that a number of the PDF files they receive or download cannot be printed or converted. PDF Password Remover removes the PDF restrictions from those files, allowing users to make better use of the PDFs like copying content, printing pages and converting to other file formats including Microsoft Word and Excel, as well as formats usable by image editors and other applications.

Removing restrictions from PDFs with PDF Password Remover is a simple drag-and-drop process. Anyone can drop restricted PDF files directly into the app’s window, and the removal process will immediately begin, resulting in an unrestricted PDF file that can be converted, printed, or edited. Multiple files can be converted at once, by simply dropping a group of files into the app’s window, immediately resulting in the conversion of the entire group of files.

Key Features of PDF Password Remover:

  1. Remove content copying restriction
  2. Remove PDF converting restriction
  3. Remove printing restriction
  4. Remove the document changing restriction
  5. Remove page extracting restriction
  6. Remove page commenting restriction
  7. Remove forms fields filling restriction
  8. Remove PDF signing restriction
  9. Remove Owner Password
  10. Remove User Password (the open password required)
  11. Win & Mac versions are both available

System Requirements:

  • OS X 10.8 or Later (Mac)
  • Windows XP SP3/Vista/7/8/10 (Win)
  • 64-bit/32-bit processor


PDF Password Remover Giveaway Link :  www.pdfpasswordremover.com/giveaway.html

Note : After installing the app, click ‘Buy a License Now’ button and enter the license key provided in the giveaway page.

PDF Password Remover Giveaway