PDF Eraser : Free app to Erase Images, Text, & Objects from PDF

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PDF Eraser is a free eraser tool t that can erase or delete any unnecessary information from a PDF documents. PDF Eraser is Windows-based application, with which users can completely free delete images, logos, text and all other types of objects from PDF documents.

Deleting PDF documents information with PDF Eraser is easy since this free PDF erasing software works professionally for Windows users to delete unwanted information on PDF documents.You only need to delete the objects you don’t need without modifying the other information on the same PDF file without changing the quality of the PDF documents.


Sometimes, you may find that some PDF pages are unnecessary on a PDF documents. If so, you can also delete the unnecessary PDF pages by using PDF Eraser.

In addition to deleting unnecessary information from a PDF documents, you can also add your own objects to the PDF documents.NO matter you want to delete information from a PDF documents or add objects to a PDF documents, it is 100% free and secure.

More Features of PDF Eraser


As a professional eraser tool, PDF Eraser can not only erase objects from a PDF file or delete PDF pages, but it has much more other features including:

1. Add any information to a PDF file
In addition to delete unwanted information from a PDF documents, PDF Eraser also allows you to add any object such as images, test, logs, etc to a PDF file as you wish.

2. Rotate PDF pages
If you find that the PDF file is listed in a wrong orientation which makes you feel inconvenience to read, PDF Eraser enables you to rotate PDF pages to the correct orientation.


Download : PDF Eraser
Website: http://www.pdferaser.net