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PCWinSoft HQ GIF Maker Full Version for Free worth $19.99 [Windows]

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PCWinSoft HQ GIF Maker is ideal for transforming movie clips into animated GIFs and WebPs.

The Windows program lets you select a video from your computer or a network share, set the start and end times of the conversion, and get started right away.

HQ GIF Maker is compatible with all the most common video file types. This includes MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, MPG, 3GP, QT, FLV, and FLI.

Even 4K, HD, and Ultra HD movies can be used in HQ GIF Maker.

Key Features of PCWinSoft HQ GIF Maker:

  1. It only takes three easy steps to transform your favourite movies into animated GIFs or WebPs.
  2. 3 easy steps to create animated tutorials: Record the content, cut out what’s not important, and click “convert.”
  3. Setting the animation frame helps keep their size down.

  4. The ability to set the animation’s output resolution.

  5. You can import the video by simply dragging and dropping it into the program.

  6. To guarantee the best possible visual quality in an animated GIF, an algorithm is used to choose the best 256 colours for the palette.

  7. Record your screen to make tutorials.

  8. A user interface that is modern and scalable

HQ GIF Maker UI-

About PCWinSoft HQ GIF Maker:

There are only three simple actions required to transform a movie clip into an animated GIF with HQ GIF Maker:

First, you’ll need to import the movie; second, you’ll need to choose which scene you want to edit; and finally, you’ll select a GIF or WebP image, then hit “Convert.”

256 colours are the limit for GIF images. In order to make the best-looking GIF animations possible, HQ GIF Maker uses a two-stage conversion process.

It begins by grabbing still images from the movie, which it then uses to determine which 256 hues will make up the animated GIF’s palette.

We can make both GIF and WebP animations with HQ GIF Maker. Google developed WebP in 2010 to standardize the future of digital media. Files in WebP format are true colours and can display more than 16 million colours while taking up less space on your computer.

WebP will eventually replace GIF for that reason. You can make GIFs that look great on both the current and future versions of the web with HQ GIF Maker.

Recording tutorials with HQ GIF Maker’s step-by-step screen capture feature is a great way to share your knowledge with others.

The software lets you record the entire screen, or a selected area at a slow frame rate, producing animations that take up little space on your hard drive and display quickly on a web page.

Making a tutorial that walks users through each step one by one is the simplest method of instruction. If you need help to make this kind of animation, HQ GIF Maker has you covered.

If you want to save space on your computer, HQ GIF Maker will let you adjust the frame rate at which the animations are created. You can import a full HD movie and export it as a 320×240 pixel animated GIF or WebP.

Get PCWinSoft HQ GIF Maker for Free:

Just download the giveaway version either from this link or from this link [22.7 MB].

Install the software and enjoy the full version.

HQ GIF Maker Giveaway


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