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For a limited time, Laplink software is giving away $39.95 worth PCmover 8 Home  edition license for free to everyone, actually this promotion is intended to help Windows XP users who are facing troubles in moving from old XP computer to new Windows 8.1 computer.

Also XP users who are not excited about Windows 8/8.1 and are willing to move to Windows 7 PC can utilize this offer and safely move out to the new PC without losing any files, settings and programs. In a similar way  Windows 7 users interested in moving to  new Windows 8 system can utilize this offer and happily migrate to the new PC without any issues. Also you can use  PCmover 8   in moving from old system to the new one with the same OS installed on both computers.

Why Migrate from XP to Windows 8.1 or Windows 7 ?

Windows XP is a 12-year-old operating system, after several deadlines, Microsoft recently announced that its going to end support for XP on April 8, 2014. There will be No patches, security updates and even the Redmond company is shutingdown Security Essential updates for XP, so this means hackers can utilize the new vulnerabilities in the OS to get inside a computer running XP and security researchers claim that these systems may be hijacked to spread malware and spam.

So, We can say it’s extremely risky staying with XP and using it for online activities like shopping, banking and browsing the web with this ageing OS not only put you at risk, but also endangers other Internet users. It’s better to dump XP and head over to a better OS like Windows 7 or a new OS like Windows 8/8.1.

Windows XP is still second top OS in the World, but according to StatCounter its market share has been dropping over a few months, several organizations and banks are dumping and it’s expected that in this holiday season, several XP users intends to migrate a better OS will buy new PC’s and this Laplink promo will be useful for them.

Why Laplink PCmover 8, Why not Windows Easy Transfer?

Although Microsoft’s Windows Easy Transfer is intended to do the migration job easily, but its functions are troublesome and especially in Windows 8.1, it allows only transfer of data files that too with the help of external hard drive or portable hard drive.

Unlike its earlier versions, Windows Easy Transfer works only with Windows 7, Windows RT and Windows 8. So for XP users, Laplink PCmover 8 is the best option for moving from old Windows XP computer to new Windows 8.1 computer.

When you bring home an exciting new Windows 8.1 computer, it lacks the most important thing of all: your old computer’s files. How do you copy your files from that drab old Windows PC to that shiny new Windows PC? How do you even find everything you want to move?

To solve the problem, Laplink released a virtual moving van called “PCmover 8”, Which not only grabs  your old computer’s data but also settings from some of your programs: your browser’s list of favorite websites, for example. Laplink PCmover provides a complete solution for the end user , it’s the only software that moves programs, files and settings to a new PC  efficiently and without any issues.

Like any other moving day, the event’s success depends on your preparation. Instead of rummaging for boxes and duct tape. You must choose how to transfer the information to your new Pc.For  migration , the software offers 3 connection methods (options):  Wifi or wired network , Ethernet cable and USB cable. For WiFi or Wired network connection method, both computers ( old & new PCs)must be on the same Local Area Network (LAN). Before that, make sure the same version of  PCmover is installed on both systems.

Before using the software to transfer data disable all security applications, screen savers firewall, scheduled talks, and close all open applications

With PCmover Home, you can transfer all your selected program, files and settings from the logged-on user of the old PC to the logged-on user of the new PC.If you have multiple users or multiple  hard drives (e.g. C: and D:) to transfer, you need PCmover Professional.

For successful migration experience PCmover Home edition also includes Free Transfer Assistance (24/7) that will addresses general PC setup challenges like connecting cables improperly, troubleshooting network or Internet connectivity, and identifying the customer’s migration needs.

Features of laplink PCmover 8 Home :
1.Application Selectivity : bring only the apps you select to your new PC.
2. Folder selectivity : limited to single drive only.
3. Free Transfer Assistance : Have a trained expert help you with PCmover.
4 .Undo the Migration : something not quite right? Moved some ting you didn’t mean to ? Use the handy Undo functionality to go back to the previous state.
5. Move from old PC to new PC : Connect your old PC to the new PC and migrate!

Limitations : Applications not compatible with new OS and apps with copyright protections will not be transferred. Also certain hardware drivers may not be transferred, such as those for some printers.

Laplink PCmover 8 Home Free License

In this holiday season to help old XP computer users migrate to new systems, Laplink software launched a limited time promotion and giving away $39.95 worth license or serial number of PCmover 8 Home edition for free. Follow below details to grab your own copy.

  1. First Create an account at Laplink website.
  2. Next login to your account, then visit this promotion page, under “Buy Now $19.95” button you will notice  ” Free for XP users, click here”  link, click the link and on the next page click on the finish button.
  3. Now you will be directed to the “My registered products” page, where you can see the serial number and download the PCmover home software

pcmover home free license