PC Tools Internet Security 2011, Free 1year License

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Last Diwali we shared a 1 year free offer for PC Tools Internet Security 2010, today I’m here with a free offer for Latest version of PC Tools Internet Security (v8), set by a German Magaine which provides you $34 or Rs 1750 worth 1 year(12 Months) License of PC Tools Internet Security 2011 for free.

About PC Tools Internet Security 2011

PC Tools Internet Security 2011 is an easy-to-use All-in-one security suite packed with award-winning anti-spyware, anti-virus, firewall and spam protection.

PC Tools Internet Security 2011 with it’s advanced technology always stay’s one step ahead and blocks new threats faster than traditional security products.

PC Tools Internet Security keeps your PC and your identity secure against continuously evolving online threats.

For more info visit : www.pctools.com


How do I get PC Tools Internet Security 2011 License ?

  1. First visit this German over here or here and enter this URL http://www.pctools.com/de/internet-security/free/promo/WEKA0710/ and click “GO” button.
  2. Note: If above proxy’s didn’t work then use the German proxy’s from the list over here or here or set proxy in your Web browsers from this list.

  3. Now fill the required fields in the form as shown in below image and finally click “kostenlose Lizenz –” button.
  4. Instantly you will get the License code from PC Tools,similar to below image.
  5. Download the installation file from here.
  6. Update 2:
    To get v2011 License register an account at PC Tools Forum and send a Private message about the key to moderator ACHAN, he will change the key.

    Update: To make your License work for 2011 version, visit this page www.pctools.com/en/internet-security/lostcode/, enter your email ID (that you entered in step 2) and you will get the working  (same)License code which will work for v2011.

    Thanks to original source MegaLab

  1. Not working it gives following error.

    ” We have of your IP address, unfortunately, already received a registration. Please contact our customer service if this information you think is a mistake. Thank you!”

    But i managed to get one license through vpn service

  2. is there any offline installer? and what about the license? whether when we got an email from pc tools, the license is active or waiting for us to activate it first, then I got one year??

  3. I’ve managed to get license somehow, but when I enter it, it says invalid name and license key.
    And I received email same as on picture above.
    Maybe they check IP when you register the product as well ???

  4. You have to install before 2010 version, then register it with the key received.
    After this operation you can uninstall this version 2010 and to install 2011 version. The key is recognized.

  5. I have, after some trouble, managed to install the 2011 ver., and have it fully working. Only one thing is bothering me, on the interface it states “expires in 51 days” (my 2010 ver. was due to expire then). Will the 1-year 2011 subscription take over after the 51 days – it doesn’t say?