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Magix, a leading consumer  software provider  is famous for it’s MP3  Maker and video editing software’s.Magix has released a new system tweaking utility called  Magix “PC Check & Tuning Free”.According Magix  this software can improve  system’s startup performance by 63% and makes file transfer 65% more quicker.

Magix PC Check & Tuning Free is the free software solution designed to maintain a computer’s health by optimizing performance while protecting users’ online privacy.

Key Features of Magix PC Check & Tuning Free :

  • Fully compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7.
  • Automatically detects problems on your PC.
  • Removes useless chunks of data.
  • Keeps your system clean & running smoothly.
  • Deletes your tracks on the internet and protects your privacy
  • Optimizes Internet settings
  • Very easy to use

MAGIX PC Check & Tuning Free checks your computer for weaknesses by locating the causes of system-related problems and correcting errors automatically. Features such as start-up optimization, garbage data removal and registry repair can increase computer speed and application launches.

My View:

Magix PC Check & Tuning Free is crippled version of MAGIX PC Check & Tuning 2010 which costs around $40,but this version has enough goodies to tweak and optimize the system.

After Tuneup utilities 2010, this software impressed me very much. Although it’s interface is a bit different when compared with other system tuning software’s, but  the interface is user-friendly and it does what it says. I don’t say superlatives like it will make your system 65% faster, but using this software makes difference it can boost your system performance.

Apart from normal system tuning utilities like internet tracks cleaning, Junk or garbage cleaner, registry and drive defragment tools, the highlight of Magix PC Check & Tuning is the free driver updater and Swapfile optimizing tools.

It is nice to see a free system drivers updating tool included in system tuning software. This tool checks the update status of installed drivers, if there are new drivers, then it automatically notifies you about the update and install them without long searches on the Internet.

Coming to swapfile, it is required if the built-in RAM is not sufficient. If this is not set optimally, then serious reduction in performance may result.

Managing data from the program can free up system resources to allow for smoother video streaming and graphic rendering in high-quality gaming. Updated security features allow users to remove traces of their Internet activity and shred unwanted data.

We can divide Magix PC Check & Tuning Free in to 10 Modules or Functions :

1.PC Check Live :
A small tool which runs in background when you log on to your PC,intended to provide your PC with permanent protection and notifies system status like your Firewall is off or your Hardisk should be formatted e.t.c
2.system start optimizer:
Accelerate the system startup by deactivating certain process that puts heavy load on RAM.
3.Delete garbage data: Removes unwanted temporary files.
4.Remove Internet tracks: Deletes temporary Internet files, cookies and history.
5.Optimize swapfile : Swapfile will be written optimally, mostly this feature is useful for Low RAM systems.
6.Optimize services: Optimize certain services manually or automatically that runs in background for clearly increased speed while the system starts.
7.Repair Windows registry:
Registry problems are filtered and repaired to make the system run more stably and faster.
8.Update drivers:
Automatically notifies updates for installed drivers and install them quickly and easily, without long searches on the Internet
9.Defragment drives:
Individual parts of a file are ordered during drive defragmentation , which accelerates access to data.
10.Defrag the Windows registry :
Cleans up the Windows registry and corrects empty sections to make Windows registry smaller and information acess easier.

Draw Backs:

The only complaint from my side, like a security suite every time after fixing certain problems,even for cleaning temporary files it will ask you to restart your PC, this is very irritating.

Final word: Magix PC Check & Tuning is a must have PC utility that improves your PC performance.


Installation & registering the Software

  1. First Download the online installation from here(3.4 MB)
  2. Run the .exe file,select Installation Language as English,it will automatically downloads and install the Magix PC Check & Tuning software(32 MB)
  3. Note: I didn’t find any offline installation file.

  4. After Installation, run Magix PC Check & Tuning and click on “Register the program…” button.

  5. Now you will be forwarded to a webpage, create a Magix account by entering squired fields in the form and get the license code
  6. That’s it use the license code and register the software to use it without any limitations

  1. Actually after the install dialogue pops up and asks you to select a language, if you go to your
    C:Documents and SettingsUserNameFolderLocal SettingsTemp
    you will find a folder called mgx********** (mine was mgxk4fw3253w7) in that folder are two other folders: Product and Addon. The product folder contains all the downloaded installation files and the addon folder has the ask toolbar malware crap that it asks you to install during setup. Thanks for the program!