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Patch My PC is an easy-to-use and free portable windows utility that will check your PC for outdated software and provides available updates.

Nowadays updating software’s on your PC is an essential thin as they are released to fix security holes & improve stability of the software, some software’s will have automatic update option, but other software’s still need to be updated manually. To ease this process you can use Patch My PC, which will offer available updates of popular software required for your PC.


Patch My PC was developed to give users an easy way to patch common third-party software. The software products included in the Patch My PC check are important because they pose critical threats to your PC if unpatched. Patch My PC performs all updates silently in the background.

Patch My PC is a reliable utility designed to check your system against the current version of Popular software’s like Adobe Reader, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Flash, Mozilla Firefox, Oracle Java, Apple Quicktime, Apple iTunes, Microsoft Updates and more.

Patch My PC is a stand alone executable software, which means it doesn’t need installation, just click “PatchMyPC.exe” and run the software.When started, it will scan for outdated software automatically. If software is outdated it will show as Red, if it’s updated it will show as Green, and if it’s not installed it will show as black.

There are many optional updates that can be installed with this free tool. Optional updates can be installed by checking the check box in the optional software panel.

As this software is in early stage of devloping, the functinally  is limited and for now  it only works with a few applications and we can expect many more features in future.

Features of Patch My PC

  • Easy to use User interface
    • Outdated software will show in Red
    • Up to date will show in Green
  • Patches many common third-party products
  • Offers many optional software you can include in the update process.
  • shortcuts to many common Windows Tools.
  • Can scan your computer to see if any Windows Updates are needed.

Patch My PC Current Critical Updates

  • Adobe Reader
  • Adobe Flash Player/Plugin
  • Adobe Air
  • Adobe Shockwave
  • Firefox
  • Oracle Java
  • Apple Quicktime
  • iTunes
  • Microsoft Silverlight
  • Adobe Acrobat

Optional Software

  • Microsoft Security Essentials
  • Google Chrome
  • CCleaner
  • Defraggler
  • Imgburn
  • VLC Player
  • Winrar
  • Pidgen Chat
  • Dropbox
  • Apple Safari
  • Google Earth
  • Spybot Search And Destroy
  • Keepass
  • Piscasa
  • MalwareBytes
  • Speccy
  • Foxit Reader
  • Opera
  • Real Player
  • Audacity

Download : PatchMyPC  v 1.2.1 (364Kb)

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