Password Meter : Check the Strength of your Passwords

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With hacking attacks on the rise, managing your passwords carefully is more important than ever. Password Meter helps you to check the strength of your current passwords and lets you find out if you need to change your password.Password Meter is a free web tool, that provides real time feedback about the security score of your passwords.

One should check whether their online logins are crack-able or not , because hackers can now use ‘cracking’ software to check combinations of nouns and numbers against online logins, having a password such as ‘abc123’ or ‘[your name][your year of birth]’ is not going to keep your accounts secure for long.

Password Meter

You can test the strength of your current passwords by entering them at Password Meter (www.passwordmeter .com). This free online tool gives each password a percentage score and a complexity rating based on criteria such as the number of characters, the mix of lower- and upper-case letters and the inclusion of numbers and symbols. Password Meter deducts points for repeat, consecutive and sequential letters or numbers, and suggests how you can improve your password.

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Also worth trying is Microsoft’s Password checker, which simply rates your password from  ‘weak’ to ‘best’.