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Password Folder Pro Free License -Hide Sensitive Data

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Password Folder Pro is an easy-to-use application that allows you to protect any of your folders from potential intruders.

In order to safeguard their confidential material, many computer users use ZIP software to compress their folders into password-protected compressed files. Compressing and uncompressing files takes a lot of time, especially if there are a lot of large files in the folder.

Password Folder is a lightweight Windows program for protecting folders with passwords. It can do this in an instant. It makes the operation steps easier and gives the most direct way to protect a folder so that even new users can get started quickly. The best thing about Password Folder is that it is very fast, and the size of the folder doesn’t affect how fast it encrypts. Even a folder with a few gigabytes of files can be locked and unlocked in an instant. It works great for keeping folders on the local computer safe. Without the password, no one would be able to get into folders that are locked.

Naturally, the Password Folder is self-explanatory. This program was made so that you can put a password on any folder you want. Once you use the set key to unlock the restricted folder, it won’t lock up again.

Once the software has been installed, a basic window will open showing a colorful folder with a lock drawn on top of it in the background. The app works with the drag-and-drop method, which means you can pull a specific folder onto the app window and register it with a password. You can also find the folder path manually.

Password Folder Pro Features:

If you want to quickly hide sensitive information from other users, the Password Folder is a great choice.

Get Password Folder Pro for Free:

Download the software from this link or from this link.

Install the software and start it up. Click “Upgrade” and enter the code below.


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