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PassFab Duplicate File Deleter Free 1 Year License [Windows/Mac]

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PassFab Duplicate File Deleter is a Windows/Mac app that can easily search for, compare, and delete duplicate files on your computer, making room for new ones and improving your computer’s performance.

In order to keep your computer optimized and performing at its best, regular maintenance is required. To free up space and enhance computer performance, it is recommended to regularly search for and delete duplicate files that clutter the system. Thankfully, there are several options available for dealing with duplicates. A good example of this is PassFab’s Duplicate File Deleter.

About PassFab Duplicate File Deleter:

This program’s sole purpose is to locate and eliminate all duplicates lurking in your hard drive. Its goal is to offer a simple and quick answer, even if you have many files accumulating on your hard drive.

This application is incredibly simple. A big button greets you in the main window to select a folder to analyze. As soon as you have done this, the application moves on to the next step, which allows you to select search filters.

You can customize the settings to include or exclude hidden, system, and zero-byte files. We can also add a folder path as an exclusion in order to be ignored during the scan.

PassFab Duplicate File Deleter Features:

  • Locates and deletes duplicate photos.
  • Finds and remove duplicate files.
  • Comparison of Duplicate Files.
  • Works with all kinds of files, like photos, videos, documents, audio, etc.
  • External Drive Support: Scans for and identifies duplicate files across all connected drives.
  • Compatible with Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7
  • Rapid Scanning Speed.
  • Delete Protection: Recycle duplicate files instead of deleting them.

PassFab Duplicate File Deleter Giveaway:

Visit this giveaway page.

Click the “Giveaway” button

Enter your first name and email address and then click on “GET LICENSE”.

Mac users: Click “Go to Mac Version,” then enter your email and click the “Get License” button.

PassFab  will email the license code to you from PassFab (no Check your inbox for this email.

Download the installer for Windows:

For Mac:

Install the software, launch it and on the main window click the “Key” icon.

Enter your email address, and license code and activate the software.

Previous Giveaway:

PassFab, in collaboration with the GOTD website, is giving away $29.95 worth of licenses for this software today for free.

Just visit this giveaway page.