Paragon Net Burner 2.0 Free

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Paragon Net Burner is an unique Windows utility from Paragon Software that allows you to share a CD/DVD/BD burner over all computers in local area network (LAN).

This will be useful if you have notebook or Netbook without CD/DVD/BD burning devices and you can burn data remotely over the network.It gives users the ability to record CDs/DVDs/BDs without having a local burner device.

Paragon Net Burner

Key Benefits of Paragon Net Burner:

  • Easy-to-use even for inexperienced users
  • Extremely useful for notebooks without optical drive
  • Cost-effective for office network, internet-café etc.
  • Ideal for backing up data to a remote CD/DVD/BD
  • Compatible with the most of burning software and hardware
  • Great performance in all operations.


How to get it for free?

  • Just visit this page fill the form.
  • Instantly paragon will send the License key and Paragon Net Burner 2 download link to your email address