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Paragon Drive Copy 14  is a backup and virtualization software that  offers several features,its a powerful tool to migrate data.

For instance using this application you can create  a virtual clone of  your PC and migrate to new  hard drive or SSD. The application copies all data on your PC including the OS,settings , drivers, as well the files and applications .

Paragon Drive Copy supports four virtual file formats : VMDK,VHD,VDI and PBF/pVHD.If you wish to upgrade your hard drive or bought a new hard drive for your PC, just utilize the ‘migrate OS’ or ‘copy hard disk’ features of this app and you don’t need to spend hours for configuring and re-installing Windows and applications on the new hard drive.

Paragon Drive Copy is a straightforward tool  to copy entire drives,   the applications main functions are displayed on Windows 8-style menu, with tiles including copy hard disk, copy partition, Backup and Restore.


This feature rich and powerful application meets all your data migration needs. Paragon Drive Copy helps you to migrate operating system,copy partitions, copy hard disks, back up and restore the data.

If you use the application regularly,you will find more features such as partitioning and formatting hard disks (create, format, delete) and it provides wide opportunities in the field of hard disk structure modification, so just to be on the safe side, please make a backup of your data before carrying out any operation.

Paragon Drive Copy 14 compact

 Paragon Drive Copy 14 interface has two modes : Express Mode and Full Mode.The Express mode is inspired by Windows 8 UI and useful for quick work, similar to Microsoft’s Metro UI, you will find tiles representing the features of the app.

If you want full mode, you need click the ‘Switch to Full Scale Launcher’ tile.Full mode has a ribbon interface, and groups the functionality into several categories on the ribbon:

Partitioning – create a new partition, format an existing partition, delete a partition, undelete a partition.
Copy & migration – copy hard disk, copy partition, migrate OS, create virtual disks, P2V copy and adjust, connect and disconnect a virtual disk.
Schedule – schedule hard disk copy, schedule partition copy.
Volume explorer – view all drives and volumes.

There’s quite a lot you can do with Drive Copy 14 and the nice thing is that wizards will help you use all this functionality. A wizard will help you to create a partition, a wizard will help you to copy a partition, and so on.

You can  run  Paragon Drive Copy 14 on a system with 300MHz processor, 512MB RAM and has at least 250MB of free disk space, moreover it is compatible with Windows 8 and 8.1.

Paragon Drive Copy 14 Free License :


In general a one year license of Paragon Drive Copy 14 compact version will cost around $30, but now you can get it for free from this promotion page.Just visit this Promo page, fill required details in the form and receive the product key/ license.

Download Paragon Drive Copy 14 : 32-bit / 64-bit

Paragon Drive Copy 14 license


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