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Paragon Backup and Recovery 12 is an easy-to use and effective backup and recovery software for your Windows system. Normally the compact edition of this software sells for $29.95, but the developers are now giving this app license for free.

Paragon Backup & Recovery12  is a complex disaster recovery solution. By including into this product the third generation of Paragon Adaptive Restore, incremental sector-level disk imaging, support for the latest Windows 8 and the modern ultra high capacity drives (more than 2TB in size), as well as the option to build an advanced WinPE based recovery environment, the company has offered all the necessary facilities to build a bullet-proof shield against any disaster.

Paragon Backup and Recovery 12 compact is packed with useful features, it can create an exact copy of your PC, back up just recently changed data and schedule automatic backups. These can be saved to any destination including the Backup capsule, a secure hidden partition on your hard drive.The software also offers some powerful tools that let you restore your earlier state and create a bootable recovery kit to get a problematic PC up and running again. The updated version of the program adds support for Windows 8’s Storage Spaces feature, which treats multiple drives, including hard disks and USB memory sticks, as a single pool of storage.

Getting started with Paragon Backup and Recovery 12 is easy. First, you need to create a new backup, which means you’ll need to decide what to backup and where to put it. Common options include a spare internal or external hard drive . If your PC is constantly connected to your backup storage you can create a non-stop backup, which ensures all new content on your hard drive is backed up pretty soon after it arrives there. Otherwise, you can schedule backups or trigger them by an event, such as when you log off your PC.

By default, Paragon Backup and Recovery 12 uses an incremental system whereby all files are initially copied in full, but in subsequent backups only files which have changed since the last backup are copied. It’s a sensible system that speeds things up and require less storage space than repeated full backups. With your files backed up, you can then recover them at any time. Paragon’s restore wizard lets you view the contents of the various backups you’ve taken and you can recover a backup according to your need.
Paragon Backup and Recovery 12  compact

Paragon Backup and Recovery 12 is  an excellent conventional backup and recovery software that provides peace of mind by backing up your photos, documents and your preferred or important data. The new version now supports Windows 8/8.1 and can save backups to another computer on your network.

Paragon Backup & Recovery 12 Compact Free License:

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