PANORAMA 360 : Best Camera utility for your Android

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Panorama 360 is one of the best and free app that lets you easily take a high quality 360-degree panoramic shots on your Android device. If you look for Panoramic Photo Apps for your Android phone, you will find a lot of Android apps on Google play store , apps such as Camera 360, Photaf Panorama and Wondershare Panorama does a pretty good job, but I my view they are somewhat complicated for inexperienced users and I think Panaorama 360 app functions are more inclined towards novice users.

Panorama 360 android application from TeliportMe Inc, lets you take multiple shots and stitching them together to create a panorama very easily and quickly. Taking a panoramic shot with TeliporMe-360 is pretty simple,  just start the application and from the app’s UI tap on “Capture Panorama” to start capturing images.

Panorama 360

If you are launching the app for the first time, the screen will list 3 tips for capturing best panoramas. The 3 tips include: stand straight at a spot, hold the phone in portrait mode and capture 360 standing at the same spot. Also the app provides a video to let you know how to take a panorama.

So for creating panoramas with TeliporMe-360 (panorama 360) app, hold your phone in upright in portrait mode and tap the circle like icon on your phone screen to start taking images.Now keeping your phone in the portrait orientation, slowly move in the direction indicated by the pointer on the screen, usually the pointer indicates towards the right direction.The app will automatically detects the next screen and captures it, so you don’t need to anything or tap the screen in between to take shots . If you miss a scene and moved the camera too fast or tilted the camera, the pointer will alert you.

TeliportMe 360

You can either take complete 360-degree shots or stop whenever you want. Once you’re done shooting, the app stitches together the different photos on the fly; it also gives you an option to stitch the photos together later (upgrade feature). The panorama will be created within a minute and you can then view or share it. You can also geo-tag the images and view them either as a 3D photograph or as a flat image. The app also lets you view nearby images and you can choose to shoot in HD for high-resolution panoramas.

The app does a decent job, but sometimes fails to stitch some parts together, resulting in sketchy looking panoramas. Panorama 360 also lets you send or share captured images with your friends via email, Facebook, Twitter and other clients.

For accessing features like “Near by me” and upgrades, you need to register an (free) account at teliportme and for this you can use the gmail ID on your Android device without any typing.Once you created an account ,you can upload your panoramic pictures and view them at Also you can check out panoramic photos submitted by other registered users .

Although the PANORAMA 360 app is free to use, but it also has 3 paid features or upgrades which include : Stitch later, Dropbox Sync and Flashlight. I think experienced users will tend to get these upgrades, otherwise free version is more than enough for novice users.

I will provide  a brief  description about these 3 paid features : Stitch later feature costs $1 or RS 56, according to the developer it will allow you to take 10 times more panoramas while saving 95% of your battery. The Dropbox Sync feature costs RS 55 and lets you sync all your panoramas with your Dropbox account.

The third feature Flashlight enables you to take beautiful panoramas at night and places with low or bad light, this feature costs around RS 61.

Download : Panorama – 360 (Free) at Google Play