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Panda Gold Protection is a new all-in-one antivirus solution the promises  Cross-Platform Security and provides  antivirus protection to all types operating systems. Few days  Panda security released this new product which generally costs $95 for 1 year , but before  you decide to buy this product you can try below promo that provides 6 months (180 days) subscription of Panda Gold Protection for free.

Before  I provide the details of the promo I thought provide more details about this  new security suite Panda Gold Protection. According to  Panda security labs, this is a complete security software for multi-devices and designed to provide maximum antivirus protection for PCs (Windows), Macs, Smartphones and tablets (Android, iOS and BlackBerry). In short we can say that  the  new security suite will  protect your data regardless of the device or operating systems used.

panda gold protection

Not only  providing  antivirus protection  for multi-devices, Panda Gold Protection 2014  also provide  multimedia storage and sharing  services. With this Security suite you will get  20 GB of online storage to store, sync and share your Photos, videos, documents.

 Also Panda Security’s new cross-platform solution for security on different devices includes a Premium 24×7 service and also a free disinfection service. With Panda Gold Protection 2014, users will have advice from experts in IT security on the best way to protect their digital life and resolve any queries. And, in the event of infections, an expert can literally connect to their computers to ensure the system is disinfected.  Below 180 day promo version also provides  email support

Panda Gold Protection 2014  also includes a “PC Rescue Kit” to boot the PC in safe mode and disinfect it in critical or emergency situations. This can even be shared with other users to resolve infections.

Panda Gold Protection 2014 Key Features:

1. Real-time protection
2 .On-demand scanning of viruses and other threats.
3. Minimal impact on performance and system resources
4. Web filtering and blocking of dangerous sites.
5. Firewall, Anti-spam & parental control.
6 .Identity protection, PC optimization (Tune-up) and Remote PC access.
7. Password manager, Home network manager, File encryption and shredding.
8. Secured online storage (20 GB); File sharing & synchronization.

Panda Gold Protection Free for 6 Months:

If you want  to buy or try out the new security suite, this 180 days promo is very useful. Just download the installer  from this link :

Update: It seems the 6months promo has been stopped interested users can try out below 3months installer, but if you still want the installer of above promo send an email to, I will send the link(filesharing sites).

The installer is around 100 MB size (which is very small compared to other security products)  and has  a pre-loaded license or activation code that provides 6 months (180 days) subscription of  Panda Gold Protection for free.

Just install it and hit the “activate” button, So  today if  you installed and activated the product , you will  get protection until January 19th,2014.


panda gold license


If you experience  slow speed through  your browser , I suggest  you to download  the aforementioned installer through a download manager. The installation process  of  Panda Gold Protection is very smooth, just follow the on-screen instructions and the security suite will be installed within few minutes.
Before activating  Panda Gold Protection, it is better to reboot your system as your windows inbuilt firewall and Pand firewall may collide each other and network problems. After rebooting your PC turn off the Windows firewall and activate the Panda firewall, next proceed to activate the license of the product.

Regarding the interface of  this new security suite, I have to say that the  Microsoft  Windows 8 has forced  all security product  developers to adopt metro interface and Panda Gold Protection is yet another security product with the windows 8 styled interface, all  security modules can be accessed from the colorful tiles placed in the main interface of the product.

According to me, I feel this security suite is smoother on my Window 7  notebook (Samsung NP550P5C-S05IN)  and works calmly along with Emsisoft Anti-malware. Regarding multi-device  protection I  think Android app Panda Mobile security is  already free and this feature will be useful if you have another device running on Mac OS. Still the 180 days promo is good if you have a Windows PC .




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