Panda Dome Advanced Free 6 Month License [Windows & Mac]

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Panda Dome Advanced Edition also known as Panda Internet Security 2018  is a brilliant all-in-one suite that defends PC (Windows & Mac) and Smart Phones (Android & iOS) from viruses, malware, and online threats.

Panda Internet Security 2018 suite is loaded with several powerful tools in one simple interface, making it perfect if you want to avoid searching the web for separate programs to protect your device.

By default, most of the tools in this security suite will carry out their work behind the scenes without you needing to do much.

Panda Dome Advanced Edition Free for 180 days:

Previously we got opportunity to get free 6 month license for Dome’s basic edition, now we can get $22 worth  6 months license  for Dome’s Advanced Edition for both PC’s and Mobile Devices.

First, visit , click “Download” and start filling the form by entering your email address ( use temp email id 10 minute email), finally click “Give it to me”.

The Web page will display license code, copy the code and don’t download SOS installer, download installer from below links.

For Windows:

For Mac

For Android:

For iOS :

Windows users, run the installer, enter your activation code (License key) and  hit ‘Next’, finish the installation process.

Launch the software, enter your email address create a new account with Panda  or link your email id if you already created an account.

Panda Dome Advanced Free 6 Month License

Mac users will need to enter their license key after installation, go to Account/Profile -> Services -> I HAVE A CODE.

Android and iOS users, after installation when you launch the app for first time, select “ Enter your Code” and login to your panda account, then activate the product , also you can select  option “I HAVE A CODE” and activate product.

Panda Dome Advanced edition comes with plenty of useful features that you will keep your computer safe.

Thanks to a collective intelligence whenever a new threat is detected, every instance of the Panda Internet Security 2018 will be updated to protect users against it.

Since this security solution also leverages Cloud technology, users will get immediate protection against all types of known and unknown threats.

This security suite also comes with a rescue kit that enables users to restore their PCs to the way it was before being hit by a virus. Users can even create a rescue USB drive to help restore other PCs.

Other features include a personal firewall, Application Control ,VPN( only 150MB per day) Parental control, Safe browsing feature, anti-spam protection and the ability to create backups online.

Panda Dome Advanced edition interface (UI) is colorful, attractive and easy to use.

panda dome advanced interface

From home screen you can access to all tools or modules like Scan, Antivirus, Firewall, Identity protection, Wi-Fi protection, Process Monitor, Anti-spam, Parental control and Backup copies.

Clicking the “Scan”tab on the home screen displays several options. There are the Critical areas, Full Scan and Custom Scans.

I can’t see why Panda Cloud cleaner would detect things the normal scanner can’t, but it does have a useful feature that can monitor the PC as it boots up, enabling you to allow or block anything unrecognized that tries to load with Windows.

The Rescue Kit feature will turn a USB drive into a bootable device that can disinfect a PC that won’t start because of malware.

In addition to this, PC rescue boot option adds a boot menu similar to the way Linux users dual-boot and there is a choice of starting Windows normally or firing up Panda Cloud cleaner to disinfect the PC. This is a great feature.


Panda Dome Advanced edition protection includes email scanning to detect viruses and spam.Incoming and outgoing mail can be checked and spam is marked so it is easy to deal with.

There is an option to turn on behavior analysis and this attempts to decide whether an unknown program is sage or possibly malware by its activity.

A firewall protects the PC from network threats and a couple of clicks is all it takes to view a list of programs that access the internet. A menu next to each one allows you to allow it, block it or define custom permissions, such as activity on a specific port.

There is also a live view of network activity (view my network traffic) option in the ‘Firewall‘ section. This option shows which sites and ports are being accessed by what programs.


Identity protection is included and it can detect and block the transmission of personal information like bank accounts, passwords and so on.

Parental controls enable you to choose a filter for each Windows account and this can be kids, teen, employee or custom settings.

A backup facility provides an option to back up your data to a disk drive (HDD) or to a CD/DVD.Apart from these, there is a feature called USB Vaccine that disinfects USB drives and prevents infections from external devices.

Overall, Dome’s Advanced Edition covers just about everything about Security of your devices and moreover its unobtrusive.