Panda Cloud Antivirus PRO free for 1 year

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This is a ‘Christmas’ (new) promo set by ‘ Softonic (Italian)’, which provides $30 worth Panda Cloud Antivirus PRO free for 1 year, thanks to Alessandro for the tip

Panda Cloud Antivirus, the name itself indicates that the Antivirus uses ‘Cloud technology’ , so naturally it will be very light weight,requires less system resources and doesn’t need daily updates like traditional antivirus.

About Panda Cloud Antivirus PRO

According to developer, Panda Cloud Antivirus PRO Edition protects your computer against viruses, spyware, rootkits, unknown malware and malicious activity.

It is extremely light and fast as it delegates all work to the cloud (Collective Intelligence) and applies non-intrusive intervention techniques, detecting even new and unknown viruses.

Update : Sorry, The Promo is not working.

Panda Cloud Antivirus PRO free for 1 year :

  1. First Download : Panda Cloud Antivirus [online Installer]
  2. Install it, it takes some time for online installation.
  3. After installation, use below license code or activation code to activate PRO version.
  4. Panda Cloud Antivirus PRO Activation code :RNC3Z7-72499778

[Thanks to Alessandro Pomponio]

  1. ehr
    This key will be blacklisted.
    Every softonic user will recieve a different key.

    This is a wrong news: Alessandro pomponio is not well informed.;-)

    Merry Xmas

    1. Oh, sorry dude, I didn’t know it, thanks for the info.
      It’s not important if my key will be blacklisted I already have another one. =)

    2. I’ve looked over the Italian Softonic site, and I don’t see anywhere to get a free key for Panda.

  2. Dont you think this item should be removed as there is no way to get a licensed version unlike the other software you advertise which have valid links to register for a serial?