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Panda Security has launched an free online Anti-virus, called Panda Cloud Anti virus. According to the company, the new service uses Panda’s “proprietary” cloud computing technology called Collective Intelligence.Basically cloud computing is a ‘platform’ designed to offer users access to computing applications on any internet connected device from anywhere in the world which drastically reduces the processing power and increases the productivity

Cloud computing can be defined as “grid” computing, using thousands, even millions, of user-based PCs to create one very big computer.As it is based on Internet platform, Cloud Antivirus doesn’t  require any system updates like a traditional anti-virus software’s. Collective Intelligence servers contain and maintain up-to-date all data needed to detect and neutralize all threats. This means your computer must be connected to the Internet during scanning your PC. Cloud Antivirus will send a file’s signature to Panda servers, which evaluate the info to decide whether the file is harmful or not.

Each file received by Collective Intelligence is automatically classified in under six minutes; the servers currently receive and classify over 50,000 new samples every day. The overall results is an online, real-time database that stores most of signature files in a virtual “cloud” rather than places them on end-user PCs.


Panda claims this is the industry’s first Free Cloud-Based Antivirus Thin-Client Protection , which will consume less resources(On average this uses only 17MB of RAM) of your PC due to its thin-client agent and server architecture, which processes and blocks malware more efficiently than locally installed signature-based product.


As we said the application was based largely on data gathered from its users, so the more people use Panda Cloud Antivirus it will be more effective.Cloud Antivirus is the lightest and fastest anti virus service which currently supports Windows XP and Vista (32bit) operating systems.Panda cloud Anti-virus will not be installed if you are using any other antivirus softwares, so uninstall current antivirus and install Panda Cloud Antivirus software.


Official Website: Cloud Antivirus


Download: Panda Cloud Anti-virus (CNET)