Panda Antivirus Pro 2012 Free for 6 months

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Panda Antivirus Pro 2012 is not just an Antivirus tool that is only designed to remove exiting viruses, malwares,spywares and prevent the daily threats.

Panda Antivirus Pro 2012 is a security pack with powerful antivirus engine and also includes a firewall, a fully virtualized Panda Safe Browser (Sandboxing) and more features that are generally available in security suite or total security suites.

So with Panda Antivirus Pro you can have extra layer of protection to your PC, not just by limiting to malware protection. Another feature that allows you trust this Antivirus, it is certified by an independent IT-security institute. Panda scored 14 out of 18 points in preventing latest threats.

Panda Antivirus Pro 2012 Key Features :

  1. Immediate Protection against all types of known and unknown threats.
  2. Collective Intelligence : Offers high-level protection in real time, exponentially increase the detection capacity of Panda Antivirus Pro 2012
  3. Sandbox browsing: Browse the Internet in a virtual environment, completely independent of your system
  4. virtual keyboard : Use it to prevent hackers from stealing your passwords entered on the Web.
  5. Gaming/multimedia mode : Panda Antivirus Pro 2012 protects your PC but without interrupting you are viewing full-screen videos, gaming, etc.
  6. USB vaccine : Prevents viruses that exploit the Windows AutoRun feature to automatically run multimedia files in removable (CD, DVD or USB) drives.
  7. Firewall : Neutralizes network viruses and prevents possible intrusions or attacks by hackers trying to enter your PC through the Internet
  8. Panda SafeCD : clean all types of malware from your computer if you cannot start Windows
  9. Vulnerability detection : Detects Vulnerabilities or security flaws in applications that could make your PC easy prey to different types of malicious softwares
  10. Compatible with Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit), Windows Vista (32-bit and 64-bit) and Windows XP (32-bit)


Panda Antivirus Pro 2012 Free for 6 months :

    A 1 year License of Panda Antivirus Pro 2012 cost $49.99,but here is offer from Panda USA itself which is Providing 6 months subscription or 6 months license of Panda Antivirus Pro 2012 for free to its Facebook fans.

  • SO visit this PandaUSA Facebook Page, click “Like button” and download the software.
  • Install it and select “Try Free for 180 days” to activate the free offer.
  • Also you can use this directly download link of Panda Antivirus Pro 2012[70.1 MB]

    [Thanks to Pradeep for the tip]

My view : I just used the Panda Antivirus Pro 2012 for about 4 hours, according to my initial experience. The installation process is very quick, unobtrusive and the antivirus is very light on system resources. Also I noticed the interface is redesigned compared to Previous, but the dark interface with the combination of Red & blue icons looks nice. I tried to install it on my existing Kaspersky Internet security 2012, although it installed without any objections but immediately after installation it disabled KIS 2012.


  1. Thanks for sharing. Secondly. it is obvious that 2 AV wont work together and if have 2 or more AVs installed on same PC in working you will have to face disaster. I you want to increase protection better use some think like Hitman Pro or Panda Cloud.

  2. At Facebook!? Ugh. Being in Red China means any social networking site like Facebook is off limits unless I try to access it with a VPN.

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