$100 worth Paid Android Apps Free from Amazon AppStore

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The  Amazon Appstore  was  launched on March 22, 2011 and this android appstore is now  available in more than 200 countries. To celebrate its success and upcoming birthday,  Amazon Appstore has started offering over $105 or £80 worth 35 Paid Android apps for free.

To get these 35 paid android apps free, you  can either visit Amazon.com from your PC and add the apps to your  Amazon Appstore account or  from your Android device launch the ‘Amazon Appstore’ application,  on the main screen you will notice the ‘free app of the day’ banner, scroll or move it to left, you will notice the appstore’s  B’day banner (similar to below screen shot), touch  it to view all the apps.

This offer will be available only on this Friday and Saturday or until March 21, 2015. In this  ‘Paid  Android Apps free’ bundle , you can find apps price ranging from $0.99 to $9.99.


Among these 35 apps, you can notice popular paid apps like ‘Folder Sync‘, ‘Easy Tether‘ and popular games like ‘Five Nights at Freddy’s 2‘, ‘Cut the Rope‘, ‘World of Goo‘ and ‘Ruzzle‘. I think it’s definitely worth to check out this new paid android apps free offer form Amazon.
Paid Android Apps Free from Amazon AppStore



The full list of 35 Paid Android Apps available for Free:

  1. Cross DJ Pro ($9.99)
  2. EasyTether ($9.99)
  3. HanDBase Database Manager ($4.99)
  4. NeoCal Advanced Calculator($9.99)
  5. G-Stomper Studio($9.95)
  6. Servers Ultimate Pro($8.99)
  7. 2Do: Todo List | Task List ($6.99)
  8. SimplePlanes($4.99)
  9. Business Calendar ($4.99)
  10. World of Goo($4.99)
  11. OpenDocument Reafer ($3.92)
  12. Elements of Photography Pro ($3.50)
  13. Deep Under the Sky($2.99)
  14. Guardians of the Galaxy: The Universal Weapon($2.99)
  15. SUPER WHY! ($2.99)
  16. Monkey Preschool Explorers ($2.99)
  17. Enigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple Creek ($2.99)
  18. Sago Mini Ocean Swimmer($2.99)
  19. Reading Trainer($2.99)
  20. Pumped BMX 2($2.99)
  21. Five Nights at Freddy’s 2($2.99)
  22. FolderSync ($2.87)
  23. Atomus HD($2.00)
  24. Alphabet Aquarium Vol 1: Animated Puzzle Games with Letters and Animals ($1.99)
  25. Ruzzle($1.99)
  26. Unpossible($1.99)
  27. Repix – Full Version($1.99)
  28. Chimpact 2 Family Tree($1.99)
  29. Amelia and Terror of the Night – Story Book for Kids($1.58)
  30. Adventure Beyond Time($0.99)
  31. Bank Escape Pro ($0.99)
  32. The Hidden World ($0.99)
  33. Cut the Rope($0.99)
  34. Kingdom Rush Origins($0.99)
  35. Slingshot Racing($0.99)


To get  above 35 Paid Android apps free, visit Amazon appstore website and select any app, then click on the ‘Get now with 1-click’ button.

Now on your Android device, open the AmazonAppstore  application, then goMenu to   My Apps → Cloud → Refresh to see your newly purchased app to download and install.

If you haven’t installed the Amazon Appstore app on your Android device, then download Amazon appstore apk from this link, install and login with your Amazon.com credentials.


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