15+ Paid Android Apps Now Available Free on Google Play

15+ Paid Android Apps Now Available Free on Google Play

July 23, 2018 Off By Ramakanth

On google play store more than 15 apps (including games) price dropped to zero, instead of publishing info about each app separately, I compiled them into a list.

Below is a list of Android apps that are right now available free on Google Play :

Utilities/Tools :

1.Root Checker Pro:

This app price dropped from $2.99 to $0 and will be free till July 27th. The file size is 815 KB and it has 10,000 plus installations with 4.5 Star rating on Google Play Store.

Link: bit.ly/2uJNvia

2. File Manager Pro:

This file management android app usually sells for $4.49, its available free till 29th July. This app got a 4.7-star rating from more than 1 Lakh installations.

Link: bit.ly/2mzgX5Y

3.QR Code Pro:
Normal price $4.49, free until July 29. The app has 4.8 average star rating with 100,000+ downloads.

Link: bit.ly/2O9RL2H

4.Applock Pro :
This Pro app worth $ 4.49 available for free until July 29. It was downloaded more than 100,000 times and received a 4.6-star rating.

Link: bit.ly/2ND3Lsn

5.Call Recorder Pro:
This automatic call recorder worth $5.49 available for free July 29th. The app has an average 4.1 Star rating.

Link: bit.ly/2A1DceF

6. Timestamp – GPS Camera PRO:

Free until 25th of July, normal price $0.99.

Link: bit.ly/2uZWT0q

7.Video player – unlimited and pro version:

Free until July 28 – Normal price $3.99.

Link: bit.ly/2uVM0gk

Free until July 28- normal price $2.99

Link: bit.ly/2uIhiIe

9.nBubble Elite – Notifications in a bubble:

Free until July 27th, normal price $0.99

10. Archery:

Manage your archery practice with this, free till July 25th – normal price

Games :

1.Little Stars for Little Wars 2:

Simple Real-Time Strategy (RTS) game worth $1.99 available free till July 28th.

Link: bit.ly/2uX0yMG


2.Coin Princess VIP:

This new Horizontal RPG game price dropped to $0 from $0.99, it will be available free till July 29th.

Link: bit.ly/2OaoHId

3.Random Quest: First Person RPG:

This action fps RPG worth $1.49 available for free till July 28th.

Link: bit.ly/2uGVGMp

4.The Lonely Hacker:

Free till July 27, normal price $1.49

Link: bit.ly/2mEIxPs

5.Hidden object PRO:

Free until July 28, normal price $0.99

Link: bit.ly/2LGGIMO

Puzzle game free until July 28th, normal price $0.99

Link: bit.ly/2LizYbE

7.DISTRAINT: Deluxe Edition
2D psychological horror adventure game- normal price $4.49. This game available only for 24 hours or today.

Link: bit.ly/2uHD5ji


Play this classic game on your android, its available free for next 6 days (July 29) – normal price $1.49

Link: bit.ly/2zYY6es