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Splicd-YouTube spliter

Splicd is an interesting web tool that lets you select any video any video from and cut only the part you want from it. It also gives you a link that you ca use to share the video with others. No signup needed. Check out splicd Here via
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Google Chrome Automatic Theme Switcher

If you don’t like the soft blue color of Chrome, no problem. There are two more colors you can choose from: black and green. Hardworking hackers have released a tool to tweak the minimalistic browser dubbed, the “Automatic Theme Switcher” to change Chrome’s theme. This application changes the skin of your Google
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Freeware to Repair Microsoft Word Documents

Need to repair or fix a corrupt Word document? Sometimes when you download Microsoft Word documents, you will  find them damaged or have corrupt due to some reasons like  data transfer error or disk crash. For those situations we are introducing you Repair My Word a free utility that opens and fixes
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10-Fast-Fingers: Test how fast areyou?

10-Fast-Fingers is a simple website where you can test your typing speed and find out how fast do you type and where do you stand against others. To get started, just visit the  website and start typing against the timer. Once the time is over it will show you the typing speed

Nokia N95 cool 3D Accelerometer Games & Apps

Nokia N95 unique from other Smart Phones,becaouse it comes pre-configured with the Accelerometer Motion Sensor . One important feature of  Accelerometer is its ability to make any device motion respondent on which it is run . After the API is opened to the public, many developers created very cool applications.  Below You
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Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts

Now Google Chrome is so popular these days and everyone want to use it.If you are addicted to web surfing using Google Chrome, then Google Chrome keyboard shortcuts should be real handy. Checkout Google Chrome Keyboard shortcuts below. WINDOW AND TAB SHORTCUTS Ctrl+N Open a new window Ctrl+Shift+N Open a new window