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The most searched on Google India

Google Inc,the company have a habit of posting every year, the most popular terms that are entered into its search bar.Google have cut through the enormous list of data and have complied a list of the fastest rising terms for 2008. The 2008 year-end India Zeitgeist offers a unique perspective on the

Transform your iPod Touch in to a iPhone(mobile)

Now it will be possible to use the iPod Touch as a iphone (mobile), Thanks to Truphone (free software), an application that relies only on Wi-Fi to be able to communicate to its users. This software enables ipod Touch to make calls and receive calls without SIM,plus your iPod will also be
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Free magazines online with Google Books

In another step to index the world’s information, Google is including magazines into its Book Search function. Google has begun to index and add magazines to Google Books.For now, those added are Popular Mechanics (eehh!), New York Magazine, and Ebony, with more to come in the near future. The best thing about
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Firefox 3.1 Beta 2 available for download

Mozilla has just drawn the new beta version of its future browser, Firefox 3.1, which brings new and different improvements. First, TraceMonkey has already been activated by default. TraceMonkey is a new JavaScript engine developed by Mozilla to improve the loading of pages like Gmail, Calendar, and many other webapps that use
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MyPhoneExplorer 1.7.1:Explore Sony Ericsson cell

Explore your Sony Ericsson mobile phone with MyPhoneExplorer 1.7.1. Just connect your cell phone via USB cable, Bluetooth or infrared (IrDA) and you’ll be surprised to see how easy and efficient to manage your phone with this software. Since the first appearance of MyPhoneExplorer has become the most popular free tool for

How to open Office 2007 documents in Office 2003

For those who decided to stay with Office 2003 and not upgrade to Office 2007,but often found with the problems like unable to open other files like docx, pptx, xlsx or similar to that Office, since they are from the 2007 version. For these users, Microsoft has a patch that can activate

Google's secret OS?

The latest data traffic on the Internet has brought to light an interesting fact: a small percentage of users with IPs of the company have a Google operating system “unknown”. And that suggests, of course, a potential development of Google OS, the operating system that has been discussed for years and that