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Chrome survive the first day of Pwn2Own 2009

Yesterday we mentioned how all the popular browsers were falling one after another, before the hands of skilled hackers  in Pwn2Own 2009 contest, organized by CanSecWest.After the first day of the competition at Pwn2Own contest, Chrome is the only browser that is still alive, while Safari, Internet Explorer 8 and Firefox have

Solve Elec :Simulates Electronic circuits

If  half of your life passes between Transistors,Resistors and integrated circuits,then Surely Solve Elec will be great utility for you.Although there are great simulators and circuit analyzers around us ,but this software offers basic functions necessary to make your day a little easier. Programs like pspice and Electronics Workbench MULTISIM Power Pro
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The Safari browser hacked in 10 seconds

The Safari browser was hacked in 10 seconds by Charlie Miller a security researcher at contest Pwn2Own 2009 organized by CanSecWest. “It is not easy, but works with a single click, “he said after hacking safari in 10secs. Miller took $ 5000 and the MacBook he exploited, a good prize and hope
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Download Internet Explorer 8 Final

Microsoft is still in the web browser’s race!,the Redmond company is not willing to give it’s Market share to Mozilla. Microsoft launched Internet Explorer 8 the final version is now available for free download at Microsoft official website. I am writing this post trying new IE8 and the first thing I noticed
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9 online applications to play with photos

It is always advisable to include a image in every post, in order to contextualize the content, or simply to enrich it in some way, even though it is only for decoration. However, it is often easy to get pictures relating to the issue we are discussing.  If we talk about a

One Pocket:A classic card game for Windows Mobile

Yesterday(Mar 18) we presented 5 Games for Nokia N95. Today we present a classic game for Windows Mobile Devices called Pocket Uno. Pocket Uno (one in spanish) or One Pocket is is a card game played with a specially printed deck.Just play cards from your hand by matching color, number, or word.

20 Tips on CSS for Beginners

For those who are being initiated into the world of web design and development, should know that one of the main tools to be taken into account is the CSS,  a language  which  defines  the structure of  web pages. What is CSS? CSS is an abbreviation for Cascading Style Sheets. Style sheets

Volumouse : Adjust volume with your mouse wheel

Volumouse is a is a useful, small and free utility that lets you adjust the speaker volume using the mouse wheel. To preserve the core functions of the components of the mouse,Volumouse, has support for creating keyboard shortcuts so that your mouse will function as usual.

Avira Antivir 9, now with Free anti spyware and anti adware

Avira has released version 9 for its software , known as Avira Antivirus 9, which always comes in free and premium versions. But this time the company has played strong and released free Antivirus along with anti adware and anti spyware. The tool for detecting spyware’s in Avira Antivirus 9 is much
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Games For Nokia N95

The Nokia N95 is based on the world’s leading S60 software on Symbian OS, enabling you to personalize your device from a wide choice of compatible applications that can be downloaded to the Nokia N95, including games, navigation, entertainment, productivity and creativity. The Nokia N95 comes out of the box ready to