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Gminder : Google Calendar on your taskbar

If you are a frequent user of Google Calendar the you might prefer Gminder which is an excellent alternative to Google Desktop Calendar Gadget.Gminder is a small open source application which allows you to access google calendar on your Desktop task bar. GMinder is a reminder program that waits in your system

PS3 Media Server : streaming media server for PS3

If you now only use your play station 3 to play games and you would like  to play any type of multimedia content (like movies,TV shows) in it, then today we present you a program that installs on your computer and lets you to turn your console into a media center.It’s called
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Get Free $ 29.95 worth Solid Capture 3.0 License Key

last week we shared about 6 promotional offers that provide Genuine free license keys.So today we came with another Promotional offer that will give $29.95 worth Solid Capture 3.0 License Key to every one who follow this post. What is Solid Capture ? Screen Capture and photo Sharing tool kit Which contains
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How to Contact Google

Many of us want to contact Google for various reasons: deletion of accounts, penalties, suggestions, sending of news, using their technology, to send notifications or other reasons.So here we provide some links that could help you to contact the big G. Get in touch with Google from the following addresses: Report a

Windows 7: Download the official Microsoft wallpapers

Shinoku Takahashi has published on his blog the first images of the latest build of Windows 7 (7068). . The latest build of Windows 7 called “7068.winmain.090321-1322,” what we know to be constructed On March 21, 2009, at 13:22. As you can see, Microsoft has begun to update the gadgets that came
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Firefox 3.0.8: Solution to critical vulnerabilities

Again, the Mozilla team has to work and release Firefox 3.0.8 that does not provide any significant improvement, but resolves two vulnerabilities, both described by Mozilla as “critical.” Specifically, the first vulnerability was discovered by the Italian hacker Giudo Landi and is related to a bug in the browser to execute malicious
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How to remove or delete the worm Conficker

Many of you probably do not know that the worm Conficker Will explode your pc on April First . After this date, the computers infected with the variant “C” of the worm may not be able to upgrade via the update from Microsoft and many other vendors … The worm Conficker sometimes
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XWindows Dock : a launcher for Windows

XWindows Dock is a launcher for Windows with a visual style nearly identical to the Dock in Mac OS X. There are several windows launchers like RK Launcher, RocketDock, ObjectDock, Circle Dock and SliderDock,but this is the most accomplished of them and the dock looks excellent. “XWindows Dock” or XWD is a

Geosynth: Microsoft's answer to Google Street View

After the war between Google Chrome and Internet Explorer, Microsoft is ready to give battle to Google on the face of online maps,by announcing it’s plan to launch a mapping service called GeoSynth GeoSynth uses the Photosynth technology, which enables users to synthesize and view 2D and 3D environments from digital photo