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Asus Padfone: A phone Inside a Tablet

Today at Computex 2011 event in Taipei  Asus CEO Jonney Shih revealed Asus Padfone or Asus Padphone, a 10-inch tablet will be powered by 4.3-inch Android smartphone. The Padfone is great Combination of two popular mobile devices — the smartphone and tablet


By looking in to the above image you can understand Asus Padfone consists of dock or pouch on the backside of the tablet where you port or insert the smartphone.

Although Asuus didn’t revealed many details, but the Padfone is the first one to use Google’s Ice Cream Sandwich version of Android, which is designed to run on phones and tablet. If the power runs out on Smart phone,you can insert it to tablet and use as charger.

Padfone Specifications :

Another great advantage is you can have only one SIM card and you never need to sync content between devices. Coming to the specifications the Padfone features 10.1-inch slate screen tablet and 4.3-inch smartphone powered by Nvidia Tegra processor and runs on Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

It also sports a high-end GPS module onboard,3G connectivity and dual cameras for smartphone and rear one for Tablet.

According to Asus:

“The ASUS Padfone is a device that explores one possible convergence between two popular mobile devices – the smartphone and tablet. The Padfone solves the problem of data transfer hassles and multiple SIM cards when both a smartphone and 3G tablet are used.
With the Padfone, the smartphone docks inside the tablet to give users an expanded view to suit their tasks. With the phone docked, it can recharge from the tablet’s larger battery and the tablet can also make use of the smartphone’s 3G internet connection. The dual interfaces for both the pad and phone ensure an enhanced user experience as the layout is automatically adjusted for all activities such as video conferencing, web browsing and emailing.”


Padfone Price & availability :

The device is scheduled to be available by the first quarter of 2012 and there is no word on pricing.But I think the Price will be the major factor as the Padfone is the combination of two different devices.

Watch video Asus Padfone design process :

For more details about Padfone visit Padfone product page.

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