Ovi Store :Nokia's Gigantic App Store

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Nokia announced the launch of a Gigantic App Store called “Ovi Store”

Nokia Ovi Store will be launched with over 20,000 applications, games and ringtones, which is already a huge amount.That’s an impressive number comparable to Apple’s currently 40,000 applications in the App Store. However to go further the Finnish company will also make videos downloadable from the site.

According to a Nokia Executive VP, Niklas Savander, the company now aims to increase the opportunities for third parties and other partners to create compelling services, and accelerating the development of a common platform for Nokia’s different service offerings.

All mobile games will now become available through the Ovi Store, in addition to through their existing channels. Nokia will also add a variety of third party partners, such as other image and social networking sites, to the image capture and sharing features on its devices.

The store will also feature a recommendation engine which can offer personalized suggestions to its users regarding applications as per their choice or based on apps that are owned by their family and friends; in addition it will also offer localised applications to its users based on Nokia’s proprietary location sensing technology.

Analysts believe that the Nokia Ovi Store, which incidentally is aimed at competing with Apple’s App Store, will be able to quickly move up the popularity charts thanks to a huge base of Nokia users spread across the world

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