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Overlord 2 - Action RPG Free for Limited Time [Worth $10]

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Overlord 2 is the sequel to Overlord, this action RPG costs $10 and now available for free. The game received more than 1700 Positive reviews on steam.

In this game, players take the role of a mysterious warrior called “Overlord”.

The Players goal is to destroy or conquer the land

by commanding hordes of small creatures known as “Minions”.

The story follows the events of the first Overlord game,
with the succeeding Overlord rising to power opposing
a Roman-styled military power known as the “Glorious Empire”.

The story written by Rhianna Pratchett maintains a satirical tone
and dark humor towards the fantasy setting and genre.

Overlord 2 PC Game Giveaway:

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About Overlord 2 Game:

Overlord 2, a sequel to the critically acclaimed cult hit,
sees the return of the chaotic Minions and their new Dark Master.

The core gameplay from the earlier Overlord game remains intact in the sequel.

The player controls the Overlord character from a third-person perspective and
has to command over hordes of small goblin-like creatures known as minions.

With these minions, the player tries to defeat various civilizations
with the Roman-style “Glorious Empire” being the prime enemy.

Initially, only the brown minions are available but eventually
the player will regain command of the others that are
essential in overcoming obstacles that obstruct further progression of the story.

With up to four kinds, each minion type is suited for
different purposes such as browns for fighting and blues for healing fallen minions.