outSSIDer - Open WiFi networks scanner

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outSSIDer a free Windows software helps you to find open WiFi connection in surrounding networks and tries to connect to them automatically.

All these information will be notified to you with the help of sounds. When it finds an open network, it alerts you via distinctive sound signal, indicating you to stand still and wait. After successful connection it will play ding ding ding! sound, indicating that your laptop is connected to the network.


How it works:
while you are walking with your laptop outSSIDer scans for unencrypted networks and automatically tries to connect to them. It verifies the connection by attempting to download the Google favicon icon, thereby excluding pay services that redirect you to a login page. If the program finds an available network, it alerts you via distinctive sound signal, allowing you to keep your laptop screen closed to save battery power.

outSSIDer is priced at $ 10, but  they are offering the full version to download at no time limit. It only works on Windows OS and requires . NET installed.

LinK: http://quicklz.com/outssider/