Orwell -A Game About State Surveillance Free on Steam

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Orwell is a game about state surveillance developed by Osmotic Studios. Now for a limited time period(24 hours), the game is available for free on Steam.

The game playable on Windows, Mac and Linux Platforms, it has received 91% positive reviews from more than 5,900 users on Steam.

To grab this freebie,  head-on to this and login to your pre-existing account or create a new account.

Next, proceed to click “Install Game” and add the game to our library.


About Orwell Game:

The game named after author George Orwell. It’s about state surveillance set in a fictional country called The Nation.
The country is led bymodern-day authoritarian government is known as The Party in the capital of Bonton.
In 2012, the Party passed the Safety Bill, a law expanding the government’s ability to spy on its citizens in the name of national security.
As part of the bill, the Ministry of Security commissioned a covert surveillance system codenamed Demiurge (later renamed Orwell).
Orwell allows investigations into the private communications of people of interest but doesn’t allow anyone person full access.
Instead, its operation is run by two groups:
Investigators, persons outside of the Nation working for the government who search through the communication of target persons and
upload items of interest (represented as “datachunks”), and
Advisors, people inside of the Nation who use the received data chunks to determine the course of action and to recommend actions to the authorities.
The player takes the role of an Orwell investigator, selected to use the system.

Key Features

Investigate the digital lives of citizens. 
Search web pages, scour through social media posts, dating site profiles, news articles, and blogs to find those responsible for a series of terror attacks.

Invade the private lives of suspects. 
Listen in on chat communications, read personal emails, hack PCs, pull medical files, make connections. Find the information you need to know.

Determine the relevance of information. 
Only the information you give will be seen by the security forces and acted upon. You decide what gets seen and what does not, influencing how the suspects will be perceived.

Secure the freedom of the Nation. 
Find the terrorists so the citizens of the Nation can sleep safe, knowing Orwell is watching over them.

Please note, Orwell includes mature language at multiple points throughout the game as well as mature themes and is not suitable for younger players.