Opwenwith:Find free apps to open Unkown file

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I think all of  us some time has  passed this type of  situation, like downloading a file or someone send us a file  that will be in unknown format or none of the installed programs must acknowledge it and you may ask  your friend for help in opening a file or you may use Google search to find out an application or software to open that file.

In order to overcome this long process we present you Openwith, a site similar to a directory where you can find free applications to open unknown files.

OpenWith.org is a website that also offers a desktop version that will tell you which applications can open a file and the best of all is that it’s database is made up exclusively of freeware or open source applications.

The operation is very simple, just install the openwith.org application on your computer , which adds an option to your context menu (right (click) mouse button on a file) Right click on the file or icon and choose “How do I Open This?” which will display a brief description and provides download links to free programs that can open that particular type of file

If you prefer not to install anything on your computer, you can also use it’s websiteOpenWith.org, where you must enter only the file type or format(like .wml or .pdf)in the search box and await for the results.

Website link:OpenWith.org

Download: OpenWith