Opera VPN Available for Android Devices

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Opera VPN  is a free VPN app  now available for Android  devices.

Opera software  which acquired SurfEasy VPN company in 2015, later introduced unlimited free VPN as an inbuilt feature in Opera browser and a standalone VPN application for iOS devices.

Now Opera software released the free VPN application for Android devices, if you want to unblock geo-restricted services or access websites blocked in your country and to protect your online privacy on your Android devices, then you can try the new Opera VPN app on your android.

Opera VPN app  on your android device allows you to browse the web  safely and anonymously by hiding your  real IP address.

The main highlight of the app is, its free and offers unlimited VPN bandwidth, plus you don’t need to register any account and there are no in-app purchases. The only concern is the app will use your data or mobile usagee for marketing purposes.

Installing this app is simple and straightforward, it has nice cartoon/ interactive interface. To launch the VPN  click ‘Connect’,  the app will setup a secure VPN connection (accept the connection request) and offers option to change the region.

Opera VPN for Android  now offers 5 regions : Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Singapore and United States. According to your need you can  spoof  your original place (region) by  selecting any one of these five  virtual locations.

This VPN app will run in the background and route  your device applications traffic through its secure servers by not giving away your real IP address.

Not just VPN, the app also offers two more features :  Wi-Fi Security and Guardian. The Wi-Fi security feature will scan your Wi-Fi network  for vulnerabilities and the guardian feature will block ad trackers when activated.

Conclusion :

Opera VPN for Android does what it says, if you need an unlimited VPN on your Android without any cost then this app will be your first choice.

Get Opera VPN @ Google Play Store.