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Opera One: Opera's New Flagship Browser

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Opera One, a new version of the web browser developed by Norwegian company Opera Software, has been released.

The new browser is set to replace the company’s existing web browser for Windows, macOS, and Linux later this year.

Opening up the new browser reveals a modular design, improved performance, and an array of new features.

Opera One UI

Opera proudly claims that its browser is the first of the Chromium-based browsers to take advantage of multithreaded compositing technology in its UI, which improves the way the browser renders animation on the screen.

The browser also features its own version of tab grouping called Tab Islands, which allows various tabs to be grouped based on their context.

Key Features of Opera One:

  1. Modular design: Thanks to its modular layout, we may adjust the browser to meet the requirements of any individual user. The user can customize the sidebar, speed dial, and address bar to their liking.
  2. AI-READY DESIGN: The interface is adaptable, so it can accommodate more features and built-in AI technologies in the future.
  3. Easy-to-use Tabbed Navigation with Automatic, Contextual Grouping of Tabs.
  4. Improved performance: This new browser is quicker than its predecessor, Opera GX. Web pages now load more quickly in the browser.
  5. Built-in VPN: Equipped with a VPN that encrypts all data sent over the network, making it more secure. Internet anonymity is yet another useful feature made possible by the VPN.
  6. Cryptocurrency wallet: It contains a crypto wallet to store and manage cryptocurrency holdings directly.
  7. Snapshot Tool: The screenshot function lets you take screenshots of websites and annotate them.

Opera One New Browser with VPN

Download the New Browser:

Opera One is currently available to download as an early-access developer version. We expect the final version of the browser to be released later this year for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

If you want to try it, head on over to this webpage.