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Opera celebrates its 15th anniversary

Opera 15th Birthday

The Opera Software Company is celebrating Opera web browser’s 15th birthday!
The browser started out in 1994 as a project by two computer scientists in a research lab for Telenor, Norway’s telecommunications incumbent, who felt that they could do better than the basic Mosaic browser of the date.

While Opera lags behind the lies of Mozilla’s Firefox and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer in market share, today Opera says that it has 40 million users on Windows, Mac and Linux.

In a statement, Jon von Tetzchner, CEO, Opera, said, “Geir and I knew the Web would forever change how people live, work and play–the Web browser would be the tool to enable that transformation. Today, I am humbled by what our company, together with the worldwide community of Opera users, has achieved. In the next 15 years, billions of people will join the Web. I am confident we will give them even more reasons to choose Opera. Everyone deserves a good browser, regardless of how or where they connect to the Web.”

The browser itself appeared in 1996 which only ran on Microsoft Windows,so some people are saying that the company is celebrating little early.The company also released editions of Opera web browser for embedded devices such as Nintendo’s DS and Wii gaming systems in 2006.The company released the mobile version of Opera web browser in 1998.

The company is after recognition for introducing two technologies that are now key to all web browsers – CSS rendering and tabbed browsing.

Just congratulations to the entire team that has managed to schedule this fabulous browser. Happy Birthday Opera. You deserve it!

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