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O&O FileBackup Pro -Free Full Version [Fast & Reliable Backup Tool]

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O&O FileBackup is a nifty windows software that offers the simplest and convenient way to backup your data. Normally a 1-year license of this software sells for $29.95, this post will let you get it for free.

Visit this , enter your email address and click the “Request free License” button.

Wait for 3 to 5 minutes and Check your email-Inbox, you will receive a confirmation email from O&O Software (register@oo-software.com).
Click the link in that email to confirm your account, again wait for 5 minutes.

You will receive a second email from O&O Software, the email offers the license or serial key to activate the full version.

Download the installer or setup file from here[5.6 MB].

Install the app, launch it, and activate with the license code you received.

About O&O FileBackup

O&O FileBackup enables you to backup your data quickly and easily. Choose the directories you want to back up yourself. Or let O&O FileBackup automatically search for important data. It also gives you the option of backing up just photos, videos, music, and Office documents, so you have a copy of your digital treasures – because no hard drive and no SSD lasts forever!

Using the app is extremely easy: you are guided step by step through the backup process. And the integrated assistant also helps you with the restoration of your backups.

Use the automatic detection of important files for backup or select the directories containing important data yourself. Once set up, all you need to do in the future is to start the backup and automatically add all new and changed files to existing backups.

OO FileBackup Pro UI & Functions

Key Features:

1.Automatic recognition of important files

It can automatically detect important files and suggest them for backup.

Select photos, videos, music, and office documents, and all the files with the corresponding file extensions are searched for and saved.

If you want, you can even customize it yourself and include more files in this backup.

2.Automatic backup of new and changed files

To avoid searching for new or changed files, it can automatically detect these files for you and propose them for backup.

This is especially helpful when importing photos and videos as it immediately creates another copy of this valuable data.

3.Restoring Backups
Restoring the backup files is as easy as backing them up: just use the built-in restore feature, select the files you want to restore, and restore them to the target directory.

You can also restore the data without using O&O FileBackup.