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O&O DiskImage 5.6 Pro is a professional and great disk imaging solution that helps you back up sensitive data by creating an image of your hard drive.It is a Powerful drive, file and partition tool that will enable you to backup and restore your entire disk or drive partition, in case of system problems in the future.

O&O DiskImage lets you backup an entire computer or individual drives and files when you want even while the computer’s being used. Never again will you have to worry about lost data: The backups you make can be restored with just a few clicks of the mouse even if Windows is unable to start. O&O DiskImage combines features for both the home user and the IT expert in one single product.

O&O DiskImage 5.6 Pro offers users an easy way of securing their data, be that by way of a drive image or file backup . The One-Click Imaging enables an entire computer to be backed-up with just one click. The Information Bar leads users step-by-step through the process offering many useful tips along the way and also restoring an image is equally simple.

O&O DiskImage pro offers two alternatives to choose from when imaging data: a complete image or an incremental image. The complete image provides yet more flexibility with the offer of either a forensic image of the storage medium or an image of the used sectors only. With every image, including incremental images or split images, every piece of information in every image file is saved. This avoids a situation where images may be missed, whilst also maintaining a structural consistency throughout.

With O&O DiskImage, you have a high performance tool at your disposal for making professional images of entire computers or drives. After imaging, your old data is quickly available when problems with your computer arise. Simply recall the image and your computer is back as it was before!

O&O DiskImage supports all important functions and combines this with a user friendly interface for the quick and simple imaging or restoration of data. It supports compression and encryption in accordance with AES (128, 196 and 256-bit). Encryption can be configured individually for every image, including incremental images. The readout of information (though not the image files) is also possible where a password is unavailable.Complete and incremental images can be mounted as drives through O&O DiskImage and Windows Explorer and also then unmounted again. This enables direct access to individual files or directories without the need to restore the whole image content.

Images can be split into either traditional portions (CD, DVD etc.) or also on user-defined scales. An automatic split is also possible, when for example the target drive is full or the maximum file size for the file system has been reached. Compression and encryption for every image can be individually selected too. 64-bit and Multiprocessor Support The creation or restoration of an image is significantly accelerated by the native support of 64-bit and multiprocessor systems. O&O DiskImage supports Windows XP 64-bit.

For restoring an entire system there is no need for a rescue CD to be created as a Start CD is provided (the so-called “bare metal” technology). The CD is based on Windows Server 2003 (PE) and contains all the standard Windows drivers so that, on most systems, a complex integration of drivers is not necessary. The option to install additional hard disk control drivers is however still available. Once the Start CD boots up the PC, O&O DiskImage enables the required image to be selected and then fully restored.

Key Features of O&O DiskImage 5.6 Pro:

  1. One-click imaging
  2. M.I.R. Restoration onto different hardware
  3. E-mail notification of activities
  4. Additional information bar
  5. TrayIcon to provide information on service and job status
  6. Also creates system partition images during operation
  7. 1:1 copies of drives (cloning)
  8. Advanced burning functions to CD/DVD/Blu-Ray/HD-DVD
  9. Works with Microsoft Virtual PC Disks (VHD)
  10. Start CD with base operating system and system rescue tools
  11. Supported OS: Windows™ 7, Vista, XP, 2000 Pro/Server, Server 2003, Server 2008 (32-bit, 64-bit)

O&O DiskImage 5.6 Pro For Free :

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