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O&O Defrag  Pro is a powerful windows software to optimize your hard disks and extend lifespan. Not only HDDs, but it supports SSD also.
The software provides the necessary speed boost for your hard drives and improves your PC’s performance.
You can use O&O Defrag Pro in a set-it-and-forget-it way. Also, it’s possible to take a very hands-on approach.
You can control how individual file types handled during the defragmentation process.
The Defrag tool lets you defrag the entire hard disk on demand. Also, you can a scheduled time or when your computer is idle.
 O&O Defrag 22 Professional Edition
This  Software does everything that can be to get long-term, max speed out of every computer.
If you are using SSD, this version supports Solid-state drives (TRIM for SSDs of any make).
Also, you can use the advanced scheduling option to make sure your drive performs to it best.
The giveaway version (v20.5) is compatible with the latest Windows 10 version.
Compared to the earlier version, Version 22 adds new features such as O&O DiskStat, O&O DiskCleaner.
O&O DiskStat provides a view of how your hard disk is being used.
It allows you to find files and folders that are occupying hard disk and causing your computer to slow down.
The DiskCleaner searches and removes temporary and unnecessary files.
O&O Defrag Professional v22 will work on PCs running Windows 10 & Windows 8/8.1.

O&O Defrag  Pro for Free:

Visit this promotion page or this promo page,  enter your email id, and hit the ‘Request Free License’ button.

You will receive a confirmation email, confirm and receive the license code.

In the meantime, you can download the installer of  O&O Defrag Pro (v22.1) from these links:

32-Bit / 64-Bit.

After downloading the application installer, complete the installation process.

Launch the software. on the main window, click info  — ->Register Now and select the “Enter you Registration code” option.

O&O Defrag 22 Pro license

Enter your serial number and Name, Company (email address used for this giveaway).
That’s it.