O&O Defrag 18 Pro is powerful defrag tool which provides necessary speed boost for your hard drives and improves your PC’s performance, also this version  is fully compatible with latest OS Windows 10. Normally O&O Defrag 18 Professional will cost $29, but now you can get this app for free.


O&O Defrag 18 Pro is a tool that can be used in a set-it-and-forget-it way, but it’s also possible to take a very hands-on approach and take full control of how individual file types should be handled during the defragmentation process.

O&O Defrag 18 Professional Edition

O&O Defrag  allows you to defrag entire hard disk on demand or on a scheduled time or when your computer is idle, this functions helps you in preventing the fragmention of your HDs.O&O Defrag does everything that can be done to get long-term, maximum speed out of every computer.


Also if you have installed a solid state drive(SSD), there is support for this type of storage device, but everyone can make use of the advanced scheduling option that will help to ensure your drive performs to it best.O&O Defrag  Professional will work on PCs running Windows XP or later – including Windows 10 & Windows 8/8.1.

O&O Defrag Pro Features:

  • Remote control in the same network
  • Shorter defragmentation times
  • Analysis of all drives at program start
  • Manufacturer-independent optimization of Solid State Drives(SSDs)
  • Various defragmentation methods: STEALTH, SPACE and COMPLETE.
  • Zone filing for optimal file arrangement
  • Optimized control of zone filing
  • Enhanced automatic optimization in the background
  • Screen Saver Mode: Optimizes the PC while not in use
  • Quick configuration for an easy start
  • Resource management with O&O ActivityMonitor
  • Enhanced report management
  • Job Assistant for defragmentation schedule
  • Live-Update
  • Power management for netbooks and notebooks

O&O Defrag  Pro for Free:

To get license code of O&O Defrag pro  visit this promotion page, then enter your email address and hit the ‘Request Free License’ button.


Next, you have to wait for some time to receive the license code/ serial code.  The license code will be sent as per requested order (FIFO basis), so wait to get an confirmation email from r[email protected] and click the link in that email to conform and receive the license code.

O&O Defrag promo

In the meantime you can download the installer from following links: O&O Defrag 18 Pro 32-bit installer / O&O Defrag 18 Pro 64-bit installer.

After downloading the application installer, complete the installation process activate the full version with  serial number that you received from O&O software.