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OnlineTV 19 Plus Free for 1 Year-Watch live TV on your PC

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OnlineTV 19 Plus gives you access to hundreds of TV channels, thousands of radio stations, and hundreds of newspapers from across the world.

Access to international TV channels on your Windows PC with this handy app. Make your desktop computer or laptop into a higher-quality radio or TV.

There are over a hundred channels to choose from, broadcasting in 13 countries and seven languages. Plus, there are more than a thousand radio stations to pick from, hailing from 80+ countries.

About OnlineTV 19 Plus:

As its name suggests, OnlineTV is a timesaving application that lets you effortlessly tune into Internet radio stations and watch live TV with a few mouse clicks.

The app’s interface is clean and modern, so you shouldn’t have any problems using it even if you have no prior experience with software of this type.

OnlineTV 19 Plus UI

The graphical user interface is well-designed and well-structured, making it simple to find and use the desired function. This means you can tune into radio stations from all over the world and the same holds for television.

There’s also the option to watch a live video from webcams all over the world, as well as some music videos that are neatly organized by genre. There’s a built-in video recorder in the app that can save shows from your TV, radio, and online streaming services for later viewing.

The app lets you look at TV and radio stations from all over the world and gives you instant access to hundreds of live sports, movies, and TV shows. However, you should know that you won’t be able to watch channels that require a subscription, like Netflix or HBO, for example.

OnlineTV 19 Plus -listen to FM

OnlineTV 19 Plus Features:

  • Watch live TV channels with the “Television” or “Live Streaming” modules.
  • Listen to radio and internet radio stations(FM) from all over the world.
  • Newspapers: Stay up to date on national and international news.
  • Video Recorder: Record television broadcasts for later viewing.
  • Works with high-resolution monitors.
  • It’s compatible with Windows 11, Windows 10, and Windows 8.
  • Mediatheque: You have access to the Mediatheque of German broadcasters.

Get OnlineTV 19 Plus for Free:

Go to this , type in your email address, and click “Request Serial Number.”

Next, check your email inbox. A confirmation email from Engelmann Software GmbH will be there.

You should click the link in the email you got. This link will take you to the page that displays a license code.

Copy the code.

Download the installer from the developer page:

Start the installer, choose “I already have a registered version,” and click “Next.”

Type in your license code and click “Next.”

When you’re done installing, click “Activate” to register your version.

OnlineTV 19 Plus Free License