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OnlineTV 13 for Windows allows you to Watch live TV channels or streams on your PC, not just watching TV channels you can also listen to radio stations and access to a large library of music videos.

Not just letting you watch TV and listening to radio channels, the software also allows you to record TV Shows (supported formats: ASF, AVI, and MPG) and record audio in MP3 format.

OnlineTV 13

Get OnlineTV 13 Plus Free License:

Update[31/03/2018]: New promo from PCWELT, visit the giveaway page, click “Hier erhalten Sie die kostenlose Vollversion” to download the setup file and get a license code from this promo page.

Update[20/3/2018]: Today GOTD is offering the same software and the promo link is same, but you get installer by visiting GOTD page and rest of the process is same.

Simply, visit GOTD website and click the ‘Download Now’ button to download a zip file, extract the zip file and you will notice the installer.

Install the software and click “Click here to request your unlock code” on the pop-up window.The registration page will be opened in your browser and you need to fill in the form


Before you jump to get $26.89 (according to Avanquest Store) worth license of this software for free, I have to say you need some patience for this promo, the website that’s offering the serial is slow and be patient to get the code.

First, head on to this German promo page , start filling the form by entering your First Name (Vorname), Last Name(Nachname), email address and finally hit the blue button (Serienummer anfordem).


Next, check your email-Inbox, you will notice a confirmation email from Engelmann Software GmbH, click the link the in that email you received and this link will display OnlineTV 13 Plus  License (Serial Number), copy the code.

To download the installer, visit webpage, hit “Zum Download” tab and in the next page click ‘download’ button. The installer file size is around 54.6 MB.

Also, I uploaded the installation setup file to media share, you can download the OnlineTV 13 Setup file from this link.

The setup file is in the English language, finish the installation process and when the software is launched for first time, you will see a window similar to below screenshot, don’t worry just enter/ paste the license code you received and click the ‘Registrieren’ button.

Next, you will see a window asking to register the product, you can Skip (hit NO) this and quit the process.Launch the OnlieTV application, you will find the interface fully in English.

I tried this promo on a Windows 7 PC, I noticed around 21 English Channels (both U.S and England), but there is a big list of Channels for Germany and France. I think this promo will be useful for people in those countries.

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