One Pocket:A classic card game for Windows Mobile

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Pocket  Uno
Yesterday(Mar 18) we presented 5 Games for Nokia N95. Today we present a classic game for Windows Mobile Devices called Pocket Uno.
Pocket Uno (one in spanish) or One Pocket is is a card game played with a specially printed deck.Just play cards from your hand by matching color, number, or word.

How to play:

Every player picks a card. The person who picks the highest number deals. Action Cards count as zero for this part of the game.

Once the cards are shuffled each player is dealt 7 cards.

The remainder of the deck is placed face down to form a DRAW pile. The top card of the DRAW pile is turned over to begin a DISCARD pile. If an Action Card is the first one turned up from the DRAW pile, certain rules apply (check out rules).

The person to the left of the dealer starts play. He/she has to match the card on the DISCARD pile, either by number, color or symbol. For example, if the card is a red 7, the player must put down a red card or any color 7. Alternatively, the player can put down a Wild card (check out rules).

If the player doesn’t have a card to match the one on the DISCARD pile, he/she must take a card from the DRAW pile. If the card picked up can be played, the player is free to put it down in the same turn. Otherwise, play moves on to the next person in turn.

Players may choose not to play a playable card from their hand. If so, the player must draw a card from the DRAW pile. If playable, that card can be put down in the same turn, but the player may not use a card from the hand after the draw.

For further details visit this page  Uno Official Game Rules and also check  Game Instructions to find more about the game’s features and options.

Pocket Uno Screenshots:

Game Features:

  • Multilanguage support: Dutch, English, Esperanto, French, German, Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish, Slovenian, Swedish, Russian
  • Locale auto-detection based on system’s Regional Settings
  • 3-level opponents AI
  • Game progress auto-save / Game options auto-save
  • Adjustable gameplay with a lot of options
  • ‘Progressive Uno’ House Rule and more to come
  • Hotseat Multiplayer
  • Smooth adjustable graphic
  • Sound effects
  • Finger friendly gameplay


  • Pocket PC (WM 5, WM 6)
  • QVGA (240×320, 320×240), VGA (640×480)
  • .NET Compact Framework 2.0


Download Pocket UNO (v1.6) from here [. CAB]

Official site :Pocket UNO