Giveaway 13: OmniHide Pro

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It’s Friday and we are geared to provide a Giveaway for our Techno360 readers,  so far our Giveaways dealt with security suites, PDF converters, Uninstaller tool and now this Giveaway  is about how to hide a file in professional way. Thanks to OmniHide Guys for Providing  $150 worth OmniHide Pro Licenses for this Giveaway.

About OmniHide Pro:

There may be situations like sometimes you want to hide certain files from others, may be you are using a common desktop or you want to prevent kids or intruders to look in to certain files on your PC.

Yeah I know you may suggest folder locker, but it shows that your hiding something from others, then how to hide a file without visualizing that you are hiding something?

OmniHide Pro comes to your rescue, by hiding a file with a dummy file, this is called a pro way.OmniHide is a cool Lightweight windows application that allows you hide files within other files .It can hide any files inside an image file, a video, an audio file like an MP3 or any text document. More over you can set a password protect files for that extra safety.

How to Hide a file with OmniHide Pro?

  • Below images shows you how you can hide a file with another file

  • In options you can see portable mode and secure mode
  • The output files can be used or shared like a normal file would be without anyone ever knowing of the file hidden within it.
  • If you want to view hidden files you can extract with OmniHide extractor, also you can share the hidden files with other, they can view it by downloading OmniHide extractor, which is a freeware.
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      Giveaway Rules and Details

    1. We have 5 License for this Giveaway and to participate in this giveaway you must Subscribe to Techno360 feed (email) and post your request in the comment section.
    2. No Double entries are allowed
    3. Tweet this post (Optional, but provides higher priority to win the Giveaway)
    4. The Giveaway will end on 24/5/2010 and winners will be announced on 24/5/2010.

    1. Hi 😀

      This big smile is for one registration key.Please consider me this time.Thank you

    2. Ramakanth ,your site is always known for best giveaways
      this one sounds hideous(pun intended)
      must have it to try it

    3. Tried same kind of freeware before (Forgot the name). Would like to try this one. Count me in~~~~

    4. New to this blog.. Read a few posts. They are awesome.. Keep up the good work. U ppl rock!!!

      Count me in this give away…


    5. Hi:)gh five!

      Sounds amazing it’s possible to hide files inside other files, would be really fun try it out and see how it works in real.

      Please, sign this fellow up on the list.

      Keep up the good work!